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RedHead Humanstuck!Meulin looking for... well everyone
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RedHead Humanstuck!Meulin looking for... well everyone
Oh my gods parps been down for forever and I'm going a little stir crazy because Cherubplay doesn't friggin do ANYTHING for me rn.

I beg, oh pretty please, if that lovely Cleric/Zombiestuck Kankri is trolling around here or the Hero Oc with Jensen Ackels' voice- doth be me, pretty please.

As well, that Kurloz from my assassin prompt and the vampire Gamzee? Please, yall were a pair of my favorite Makaras man.

And I can't forget the John I've been going back and forth with under that assassinstuck prompt either!

If you're one of these lovelies, drop a line down there with a mention of about where we were or something big that happened please.

-The Meulin with too many prompts

MrowMoon Charm
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