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Reincarnates and Suffering. [OPEN]
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Reincarnates and Suffering. [OPEN]
It has been eighteen years since the disappearance of John Egbert. He seemed to have left without a trace. No note, no body, no contact with others... He just vanished off the face of Earth C. It is April 13th, the birthday of the Heir of Breath and the same day as his disappearance... Years in the past (but not many)... A young baby is found on a doorstep... And eighteen years later has grown up into a beautiful young lady.

Though, if you were a Heart Player...

Something would be very familiar about her...

((So here's the rundown: John has vanished out of nowhere and, at the same time, a baby is born. This baby bears his soul. This baby is his reincarnate. Eighteen years later, this baby became known as Rune Egbert; a young lady with a passion for video games and making friends. She does have an issue: she occasionally gets visions of another life (John's) along with the occasional tingles in her right hand. Someone like Dirk would be able to sense John's soul within her... I am looking for any of the BETA or ALPHA kids. The trolls are allowed, too! And multiple people can reply!))


[Happy birthday, Rune.]
[I am so proud of you.]

"Oh dad..." A warm feeling overcomes her. A familiar one, no less. She welcomes this feeling and puts a smile on her face. There is a cake on the drawer next to the note she has just read. It was covered in white icing and and eighteen candles. God, it was so inviting... She dragged a finger through the icing and took a taste. Mm. That's good. The aroma from the cake filled her sense of smell. It was freshly baked.

The young girl, Rune, went ahead to make her way to the bottom floor to meet her dad in the kitchen. She had tan skin, blue framed glasses, deep blue irises, a set of buck teeth, and she stood at 5 feet tall exactly. She wore a gray t-shirt with a cerulean question mark on it. Then she wore teal jeans and gray sneakers. Her hair was black, slightly wavy, and went to her shoulders.

In the kitchen, she greeted her dad with a great big hug! Rune received a few pats on the head in return.

It is the thirteenth of April.
The eighteenth anniversary of the Heir of Breath's disappearance.
Rune's eighteenth birthday.

She let go of the embrace with her father and proceeded to head outside through the front door. Outside had the only thing setting the front yard to take part in Rune's familiarity; the tire swing. She went to said tire swing to sit and, well, swing. She wanted to take in the fresh air and enjoy her birthday.

Rune took out her phone and opened Pesterchum, scrolling through the public memos before deciding, well, to make her own!

-- etherealBiologist [EB] RIGHT NOW opened memo on board [4/13 Extravangaza]! --

EB: hellooooo?
EB: rune here!
EB: figured i could start up a nice birthday discussion thingie!
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