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Beginning of the End
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Beginning of the End
What started out as an ordinary Friday night college party turned into a nightmare as someone dropped dead on the ground. The guy would soon rise again and eat the face off of the first person he saw, causing panic. Some tried to get the person to stop eating the other, only to get bitten themselves. Everything spiralled into chaos and people started dying and reanimating to eat their peers

That was two days ago. Survivors had gone into the residential buildings and ordered to stay inside until authorities would let them out. Two days and no word. The students were ordered to keep their blinds closed and not let anyone inside. Several people died and reanimated in their dorms as well. Two days and no outside contact. The power was still on but the internet was spotty at best and cable was down. The internet offered very little information about what was going on. Just that there was a really bad virus going around and that those infected had to seek attention at nearby hospitals.


Welcome to my own little version of Zombiestuck!

So in this rp you can be either a student or a citizen in the town nearby. It's recommended to be a student.

This college is based off of my own so it's a pretty small one with not many buildings. We'll use this layout as a bit of a map.

OCs are welcome but it is preferred that there are more canon characters. Nonfandom are also welcome. This is a HUMANSTUCK so no trolls.

Be respectful to everyone.
No smut in the main chat.
The word of the mod is law.
Don't ask to be a mod.
Keep the story going!
Try to come back often!
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