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I Guess I'll Die [OC RP]
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I Guess I'll Die [OC RP]
So, you died. Real crying shame. You had some real potential there kid, but don't worry, it's not all a waste. You see, now you're in the land of second chances. It's up to you whether or not you want to make things right, or if you just want to go about your daily life like you did when you were in the overworld. Just watch out, some of the people here are a bit... nippy.

Welcome to New Horizon, located in the Land of the Dead. Can't say it's a great place, but love it or hate it, it's your new home. Those monsters there? New neighbors. Say hello, but don't get too close (remember the aforementioned nippy-thing) and see if you can make a few friends while you're down here. But first, let's talk ground rules.

Maybe you remember your life up in the land of the living, or maybe you don't. Maybe you were a psychopathic killer, or a holy saint. Whatever the case, you need to make sure that whatever you choose to do, you better understand what sort of consequences it'll come with. First things first, this may be after your life, but it's not the afterlife. Not yet at least. It's just a second shot to see if maybe you can do better at... whatever it was you did. However, if you die, it's not immediately over. The powers that be understood the whole nippy-neighbor-thing and gave you three shots, and only three shots. So you can die as gruesomely as you want two times before you're in real trouble.

Second, not everyone you see is in the same boat as you, a lot of people have come here before you, and some of them have made lovely little families. Their descendants and all the monsters you see wandering around are what we call 'locals.' The locals are nothing like you, they only have one life. However, unless you're a mean motherfucker, you should still keep your head down around them.

Third. You'll see these big armored creatures shambling around. Pretty big, don't look like they have any real intelligence, don't socialize, just stand around looking mean. That's because they are mean. Those soulless golems are what the Local's call Bruisers, Bulks, or Drones. The technical name for them would just be Guards. Don't fuck with them. They're what passes for Johnny law around here, although they only come around if you're trying to level the city or commit mass genocide- or if you try to attack someone who's higher up in the societal food chain than you. Whatever the case, if they're brought in, the best thing you can do is surrender and hope whatever you did isn't bad enough to justify killing you, because if they kill you: Game Over. It doesn't matter how many lives you have, because they'll erase them all and you can say bye-bye to your second chance. As an aside, they really don't care how much killing you do, so if you were a serial killer in a past life it's not like any sort of police are going to stop you this time. Only thing is, the more dangerous you are, the more likely you are to attract bigger fish to come sniff around.

If you behave yourself like a good little kid, chances are your second chance will earn you the right to return to the land of the living- of course you'd be in a new body without any of the memories, but a soul's a soul you know. If you're bad enough and survive, maybe there's a place for you in the higher rungs of society down here. If neither of those seem your style, you're free to live out your life as always until you actually enter the afterlife.

Oh, and one final piece. Aside from the one percent that sit up top and control the place, there's one person you really should try to avoid. You can call them a ruler if you want, some people just outright call them Death just because of the role they play, but in the rare off-chance you see them- and you'll know them when you see them- you should try not to do anything to catch their attention, for better or worse. Most individuals who have taken the title have had more than a few screws loose. Oh, also, and this should be a given, don't try fighting them because they're literally god here and will erase you in the blink of an eye. Get it? Got it? Good. Now that's done and over with, have fun being dead and try not to die again.

New Horizon: The primary hub and the world's capital. Many of the largest skyscrapers are the bases for the world's Overseers, but where Death resides is a mystery. Aside from the standard shopping centers and city park, a subway station near the city center is the source for all arriving Reborn. The subway tunnels lead to nowhere, instead wrapping in on themselves whenever traveled, and trains only arrive to drop off passengers, never picking any up. A special housing block is set up nearby for Reborn to stay at temporarily while they adjust and find permanent employment and residence. A sprawling white beach to the east overlooks the ocean, while a dense forest shrouded by fog surrounds the rest of the city's border. Certain points in the city allow citizens to travel to an underground expanse, serving as New Horizon's literal underworld. While generally more dangerous, many popular clubs are also found in the subterranean zone, serving as a 24/7 representation of the city's nightlife.

Other common attractions include the boardwalk, a small amusement park, a local arcade, a semi-dangerous zoo, and an aquarium. There are two separate hospitals on both the surface and in the subterranean zone. moving away from the primary city center, New Horizon shifts into a suburban landscape, with quaint houses and scattered manors. Life in these areas is a little more calm than in the city, but living so close to the forest comes with its own set of health risks.

Lost Woods: The forest surrounding New Horizon is filled with a dense, haunting mist. On bad days, this mist becomes a dense fog, obscuring vision and making it far more dangerous to travel than normal. Many people have gone missing venturing out into the Lost Woods, never to be heard from again, while packs of feral beasts stalk them, waiting for the unassuming to enter. If you need to travel through them, don't travel alone and stick to the paths laid out by the local Fae. Or, take the train that travels through quickly and safely. while it might be less adventurous, it's also the smarter choice. There are various hidden Fae villages scattered about in the Lost Woods, however unless you have a Fae guide or have their blessing, their magic prevents you from discovering such settlements.

1) The golden rule; Be respectful and don't be a dick. Don't judge people on their characters, and don't get pissy at someone OOC for something their character did IC.
2) Try to keep OOC to a minimum, if it becomes too much, take it to the OOC chat.
3) No god-modding or meta-gaming. Don't insta-hit or auto-dodge, and don't have your character magically know about events they wouldn't otherwise have knowledge on. Keep it fair and realistic.
4) This chat is NSFW VIOLENT. Shit can get bloody or gorey, but remember to keep it in moderation. Spoiler it if you think it might be upsetting.
5) No Smut in main. If you want to do the nasty, as long as your partner is of legal age, take it somewhere else.
6) Go to OOC to have a character approved by a mod.
7) Once approved, format your name as "Name [Species]". (Please keep characters 18+)
8) This chat is Paragraph style, so please make sure your posts are longer than 4 sentences. Posts can be as long as you want and don't need to be put in spoilers.
9) Don't kill or maim another character without first getting permission to do so.
10) OC's Only, no canonical characters from any fandoms.
11) Only 3 characters allowed to start. If you show that you are able to juggle multiple characters easily, you may be allowed to ask for more.
12) After 5 days of inactivity, you will be removed from the roster. If you inform a mod beforehand, it will be extended up to two weeks, however interactions will be cut to free up characters.
14) Mods word is law, if they tell you that you shouldn't be doing something, listen to them
15) If you break these rules repeatedly, you may be kicked or banned.

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RE: I Guess I'll Die [OC RP]
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