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Overwatch RP!
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Offline 11-25-2018, 11:57 PM
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Overwatch RP!
Hello! I see you’re interested in this chat (otherwise why would you have clicked on it, haha?). I’ve been thinking of making an Overwatch Roleplay for a while, so here it is! There’s only a few rules, and they’re all for yours and everyone else’s safety. So please, enjoy.

The setting takes place in mid 2070’s, 30 years after the Omnic Crisis. Overwatch was a global peacekeeping task force. It helped save the world during the Omnic Crisis, and was the big name in worldwide heroism and unity. It formed a covert ops division called Blackwatch. Eventually, accusations that Overwatch made things worse somehow resulted in it being made illegal. Winston, one of the original members, brought Overwatch back together — off the books — when another Omnic Crisis presented itself. Now, the world doesn’t trust Overwatch anymore. Its function is illegal, but it still needs to do what it was formed to do in order to protect the world — and lots of people, including some former members, want to stop it.

Canon Characters and OC’s are all allowed, as long as they are in the OW universe!

Here are the rules. Very simple, very easy to follow.

Don’t be a god-mod, or have an OP character or OC. We’re all here for good fun, and it’s okay to have weaknesses!

Don’t spam, god, please.

Don’t be rude to others.

Don’t beg to be mod. You must prove yourself through actions.

OOC is okay, but please don’t flood the chat with it.

You may label your characters however you want!

No smut in the main chat! I will be making an extra chat for that, so take your sin over there, you heathens.

Almost all of the interactions will either be in an unidentified base location (that acts like a big home to all the characters) or fights on unspecified battle fields. Try to keep it as anonymous as possible to avoid confusion.

That’s it! Have fun!
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Offline 11-28-2018, 12:35 PM
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RE: Overwatch RP!
Oh boy, so Overwatch is really interesting to me, and I would really like to take part in this if I could...? Only trouble is I have literally never played the game due to lack of access to any platform it can be played on. Is that alright...? I try to keep up with the trailers, shorts, backstories, etc. I don't mind doing heavy research before picking this up at all (and , honestly, I probably will anyway because I am a huge nerd) but hey, I figured I would ask first. If you'd rather not have a total newbie that's perfectly alright (Seriously, I don't blame you)

Thanks :)

Check out my God Tier/Fantroll Help Memo HERE :D!

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