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NF OC Roleplay?
Offline 11-25-2018, 06:04 PM
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Star NF OC Roleplay?
Star Charm Hey guys! It is It, back at it again with my lovely original characters - I have one for you guys to look at!

My boy's name is Ramxes Voxel, though most call him Remi (or Remmy depending on how you want to spell it)

He is my favorite boy and I love him to bits and pieces. He's a bit harder to explain, so I guess you'd have to connect with me if you really want to know about him!

A basic overview of his personality, though, is as follows:

He is very eager to please until he feels like you're only pushing him around or keeping him near you just to use him, in which event he will grow wary and will start giving you more sass and attitude. He enjoys petting puppies and still believes heavily that unicorns exist, so don't ruin his childlike wonder, please. His favorite colors are pink and blue, and overall he's pretty much just a big ole cuddle monster who is dying to show you love and affection.

pineapples are in my head
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