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General Hiveswap classpecting stuff
Offline 11-23-2018, 02:44 AM
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General Hiveswap classpecting stuff
It's time for the sequel to the Ardata and Marvus Classpecting thread,...
General Hiveswap Classpecting Stuff!
[Note: for most of the trolls, we're going to have to use the Friendsims, so you should probably go see that if you're going to post in this thread.]
I guess I can start off with Dammek, as a Thief of Blood.
He just generally seems to steal Xefros' stuff through his relationship with him.
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Offline 11-24-2018, 07:42 AM
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RE: General Hiveswap classpecting stuff

Dammek is definitely a Thief of Blood!!! Thieves are such interesting characters, and I can't wait to see how he develops!!!
I have a Thief of Blood myself, and how they work is by taking advantage of relationships, like you said! This isn't exclusive to highblood taking advantage of lowblood though. Dammek may just find himself very able to reap advantages from higher blooded friends! I very much see him following a similar path to Scipio from the Thief Lord if anybody has read that :)

In short though all that means is that he presents himself very differently to those lower than him and those higher than him, leads sort of a double life, and is ultimately a fraud. Especially given his status as a Prospit dreamers, which coexist with authority rather than tear it down, his revolutionary persona may just be all for show :(

As for Xefros, he feels very "page" to me! Which makes him a derse dreaming page of rage.

Oh boy. That's a very dangerous class right there. If anyone is going to be tearing down the ruling class, it's gonna be him!!!!

Pages, in case you don't know, can be best described as creating their aspect. At first, this will be through inspiring it in others. But as they develop, it will become more literal. See how Jake's belief alone could make something real.

So yeah, I'm excited to see how Xefros and Dammek develop!!!

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Offline 11-24-2018, 12:28 PM
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RE: General Hiveswap classpecting stuff
Okay, how about some Friendsim trolls next (, possibly out of order)? (Since we can probably do entire threads on Joey, Jude, and Trizza, but we can still classpect them in this one.)
Tagora (aka GORGOR) seems like a Thief of Space. He constantly "doesn't steal" your money by making you pay him to help you. [Note: Italics show classpecting clues, not sarcasm.]

oh no two thieves in a row, thas not good,
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