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SGRUB session! [Open]
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Offline 10-19-2018, 03:29 PM
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SGRUB session! [Open]
A fully troll session, looking for a few people, we already have three people confirmed including myself. We it will be GMed and loosely based on How to Play SBURB guide, prior reading not needed. Each participant is highly encouraged to play more then one character.

This will be taking place primarily on Discord servers, we would like orginal characters only. We really want people who can dedicate a specific time tbd where all participants are present for big plot stuff to happen so nobody gets left in the dust.

If interested please introduce both yourself and characters you may wish to play. If you wish you may use the following template for your character application. Don't worry if you can't fill it all out.


Lives In:


Blood Color:


Lunar Sway:

Typing Style:



Strife Specibus:

Fetch Modus:

Modus Description:
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RE: SGRUB session! [Open]
Dannel Errado

truthfulTracker [TT]


Lives In:
A fort on the top of a small hill

Seven Sweeps and a Half! Or, more or less sixteen years


A lynx (A pround feline hunter, if you ask Dannel.)

Blood Color:

Sagipio, Sign of The Dective

Heir of Light

Lunar Sway:

Typing Style:
Alternates between all uppercase and all lower case to show mood, with positive emotions getting uppercase and negative ones the lower case. Rarely uses commas, unless seriously pissed off. Begins and ends his statemens with the same signs.

TT: -IT'S A-
TT: .well to say the truth i don't have a idea about what it is.
GC: DANNEL, it's not a good time. in fact, it's a pretty @$£&@ up time.
TT: ?why?
GC: some @#$£& culled Arkata.
TT: ?wait, wait, what? !?you culled those fuckers back, right!?
GC: duh. of course i did.

Curly and impratically big horns. Several small fangs on a mouth typically twisted in a gleeful smirk, and short hair. Dresses in a plain way, but flaunting his blood color. Wears blue tainted safety glasses, gloves with ten fingerless spaces, and socks.

A animated, hyperactive fellow, is how Dannel would describe himself. Of course, some trolls might say he's a unusual (Weakling) highblood, as, most of time, he bottles his anger up, only letting a small sip pass and carefully waiting to bottle up and explode in a murderous, chaotic, spree.
He's awfully curious, always seeking new things, or old things, or even just things, wich makes him go on "!!!EXPLORATIONS!!!" and rarely be found on his hive.
Also? Never challenge him on a battle of wits. Not because he would win, but because he's not too found of such things, considering they to be a waste of time.
He loves rambling.

Strife Specibus:

The Weirdass Twin Pistols of The Tracker.
Two old, blue pistols that have a strange, complex alphabet on them. Maybe It's impossible to be decoded, maybe it would be possible to read if Dannel sitted for a few days and tried, but for now, he only enjoys these sweet plasma shots.

Fetch Modus:
Glock Modus

Modus Description:
Every thing he can pick with his gloves and socks is put on his sylladex, but the quantity of things he can put on it are limited by the quantity of finger spaces on the gloves and socks, being only limited due to the quantity of cards on sylladex (otherwise, he'd just wear gloves with fifty finger spaces)

And it's done! It's the first time I'm doing it, and english is far from my first idiom, so sorry for any mistakes and awkward terms. Please point them to me.
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RE: SGRUB session! [Open]
Name: Cuspid Gelada
Trolltag: insensateHippocrates (can be changed if we're following GCAT)
Gender: Female

Lives In: An average sized hive built in the shadow of an urban center, on a patch of land that is overwhelmingly dead. The trees are all dead, and there is barbed wire all around her hive. It's almost cartoonishly creepy.
Age: Seven sweeps (can be changed)

Birthday: August 6th

Lusus: Gelada Baboon (but like, a giant one)
Blood Color: Olive
Sign: Leiborn, Sign of the Paradox

Aspect/Class: Knight of Rage

Lunar Sway: Derse

Typing Style: capitalizes Ms and Ws because they look like teeth! Ends her sentences with --o, representing a dental mirror (it also looks like her horns). Has a very strange. cadence. As though. She is so angry. She has to stop for breath. Every few moments.

Appearance: ( Cuspid's hair is thick, fluffy, and constantly in disarray, much like Troll Albert Einstein's. She holds it back from her face with an olive headband. Her horns are shaped like a dental mirror. She wears a surgeon's mask most of the time, but underneath she has a truly astonishing number of teeth, all of which are either natural or were added to her gums through a terrifying act of self-surgery. It's like looking into an organic garbage disposal. She wears a black turtleneck displaying her sign and, over that, a lab coat absolutely covered in blood from all types of trolls. Her pants are dark grey. Her shoes are common dress shoes. Her body is shaped like a long rectangle. A long, imposing rectangle looming over you as it gestures wildly and threatens you over and over.

Personality: Cuspid cares about one thing and one thing only- becoming the greatest dentistratagem to ever live. She will gladly improve your mouth for you (ie, sew enough teeth in there that you can't close it all the way), but you'll really just be a test subject. Her real goal is to add enough teeth to her mouth that she becomes powerful enough to kill God itself and DESTROY. THAT WHICH LIMITS HER. If you disagree with this, she will attempt to take all your teeth from you. She KNEW you would try to sabotage her. Try to FOIL HER SCHEMES. Well. You are not the FIRST PERSON to try and LIMIT her. But this will be the LAST TIME you ever do so. FUCKER. SHE WILL SEW YOUR LIPS SHUT AND YOUR TEETH WILL ROT WITHIN YOUR MOUTH. BECAUSE YOU CANNOT OPEN YOUR LIPS. AND BRUSH THEM.

Cuspid has never had friends. She thinks they're pointless. Any "friends" are clearly taking up her time in an attempt to keep her from working. Well, it won't work. She is going to WIN.

Strife Specibus: Drillkind. Not a dentist's drill. She just uses a regular utility drill. For both your mouth and your stabby parts.

Weapon(s): Drill, scalpel, basically anything an amateur surgeon would have, and a heart that is just absolutely bursting with primal fury.
Fetch Modus: Crocodile Dentist

Modus Description: The cards are teeth inside the mouth of an alligator. Pull them out before it snaps down! Unless you're Cuspid, she's horrified the alligator into submission.


hi!! i'm bullshark, i live in the central time zone, and i love fansessions. super excited for this!!
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Offline 12-03-2018, 12:31 PM
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RE: SGRUB session! [Open]
Oh man... I have an indigo blood too, but you have one that okay...?

Check out my God Tier/Fantroll Help Memo HERE :D!

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RE: SGRUB session! [Open]
Name: Eddile Villio

Trolltag: ScientificWisman [SW] (can be change for GCAT)

Gender: female

Lives In: large, hollowed out tree. her hive was made inside of it due to the roots going too deep to pull it out. four stories, with one ground level, one above, and two bellow.

Age: 8 sweeps (17.34 years)

Birthday: the third day of the twenty-first month

Lusus: a mix of bat and owl, refereed to as "Salem"

Blood Color: mutant sherbet orange, but can be just bronze if ya want.

Sign: wiccan symbol for blessing

Aspect/Class: maid of hope

Lunar Sway: prospit

Typing Style: uses (:) after vowels, and skips single letter words (A & I)

Appearance: Edd wears a bag on her head after an accident. she tends to wear a crop top tee that is form fitting, and a skort with chunky boots. the ends of short, curly hair peek from the back, skimming the top of her freckled shoulders. sometimes she will have dirt on her in random places, and stays away from jewelry. her horns are duel pronged, splitting about a third from the base, the outer prongs bigger than the inner ones. (if you wanna see her without the bag, click the link and scroll to the pictures.)

Personality: Edd is surprisingly kind but snappy. she tends to be talked over, but doesn't mind, your just letting her know your problems. your weaknesses. that she will help you to turn them into strengths! for her lack of visible facial expressions, she makes up for in hand gestures. she is sweet, kind, and genital, if not forgetful. like, really forgetful. you may have to tell her your name at least seven times when you first meet her. however, do not take her lack of memory for stupidity. she can and will outsmart you if a point needs to be made, and is a proficient botanist. DO NOT TAKE OFF THE BAG. DO NOT MAKE ANY ATTEMPT TO DO SO. REALLY, BAD IDEA.

Strife Specibus: shovelkind (do not call it a spade!)

Weapon(s): The Big Frank. a double ended shovel with a glittery handle, and sharp, pointed ends.

Fetch Modus: sprout modus

Modus Description: upon captchalogue, a seed is planted in the modus. you must wait till it grows and bears fruit to equip it. if the fruit rots, the item will automatically fall out. items can also be retrieved by fertilizing and watering, regardless of stage, that will cause fruit to be pick-able, but can only be used every three days.


hello! I'm Harpie. i love oc rps and am glad to be here!
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RE: SGRUB session! [Open]
I have like, nine of these fuckers. I'll be as brief as possible, i'm usually a lot more wordy but honestly this is for courtesy's sake.

... I should probably have looked up how to do a hidetext. Welp. Too late now.

Name: Nochom Zaklaz
Trolltag: arduousAnemia
Gender: Guy
Lives In: Probably a dumpster or something
Age: 6/7 sweeps, like 16ish
Birthday: He's a Gemini. Because of course he is.
Lusus: A queen mind-bee he keeps in a brief case, to keep him supplied with mind honey.
Blood Color: Gold
Sign: Gemiborn
Aspect/Class: Heir of Rage
Lunar Sway: Derse
Appearance: url=

Personality: Nochom is a deeply unhappy troll, largely due to his psionics being shot to the point of being a burden rather than a benefit. He's quite keen on spreading his misery to others, and in fact usually only gains any joy in his life by doing so. His primary flaw is that he fails to see just how bad things truly are- he accepts that he'll likely be culled, but fails to see that if things get better, things will become worse for him than culling could ever be.

Strife Specibus: Cankind
Weapon(s): A spraycan, probably some soda.
Fetch Modus: Pollock Modus
Modus Description: Attempt to draw an abstract portrayal of the object you want. You won't get the one you want.

Name: Xerfam Granbl
Trolltag: unwillingTransmitter
Gender: Nah
Lives In: A hivestem in the White Wastes
Age: 16ish in human years.
Birthday: They're a Gemini.
Lusus: Two headed armadillo
Blood Color: Gold
Sign: Gemsci
Aspect/Class: Rogue of Life
Lunar Sway: Prospit
Typing Style: pol=te and approachable, w=th care taken to avo=d confl=ct or assert themselves.
Appearance: url=
Personality: Xerfam is unassertive and a fairly anxious person. They tend to fix others problems rather than their own, often taking on more than they can really handle, typically to the detriment of their own hobbies and well being. They're quite friendly, if somewhat shy and a bit reserved.

Strife Specibus: Revolverkind
Weapon(s): AA caliber revolver
Fetch Modus: Radio Specibus
Modus Description: They have to tune their psionics correctly to get the item that they desire.

Name: Nimoni Muunch
Trolltag: compassionateCautery
Gender: Goirl
Lives In: A tent, typically directly adjacent to a Jadeblood cavern.
Age: 16ish
Birthday: She's a Virgo.
Lusus: A blood-sucking butterfly.
Blood Color: Jade
Sign: Virmino
Aspect/Class: Thief of Doom
Lunar Sway: Derse
Typing Style: brief. +ends +o keep her words 4 herself. very good listener.
Appearance: Her hair's tied in a messy bun, and she usually wears a white lab coat. Well, it was probably white at one point.

Personality: Nimoni is alarmingly passive aggressive, though she does have the best intentions. She'll typically work herself to death trying to make everyone's lives as painless as possible, often leaving them without any real challenges to overcome in life, while also demanding favors from them because she's just "such a good friend". Nimoni is incapable of letting something she deems to be causing suffering alone, she'll spend continual sleepless nights on a futile endeavor- with horrible success at times.

Strife Specibus: Bladekind
Weapon(s): scalpel, saw.
Fetch Modus: Operation
Modus Description: Don't touch the sides.

Name: Themis Pastur
Trolltag: ceaselessTedium
Gender: Lady
Lives In: A somewhat rundown hive, ironically.
Age: 16ish.
Birthday: Libra. If this is a numerology thing I can think something up, of course.
Lusus: Vulture
Blood Color: Teal
Sign: Limini
Aspect/Class: Sylph of Doom
Lunar Sway: Derse

Typing Style: HHard boiled and no nonsense. Brief, fragmentary sentences, typically spoken in a curt and frank tone.
Personality: Themis is incredibly pessimistic, but thinks that it's really best to let people know what's coming so they can brace for it. She has a tendency to act hard and immovable, but often lets things slide if she thinks that someone's genuinely learned their lesson. Themis overworks herself to a massive extent, and is almost always completely exhausted as a result.

Strife Specibus: Baton
Weapon(s): A baton. No nonsense, it's a glorified club.
Fetch Modus: Prisonkind
Modus Description: You can obtain whatever item you need- so long as you've filled out the correct paperwork.

Name: Anomie Lochem
Trolltag: genialActinide
Gender: Gal
Lives In: Some horrifying strobe light infested spook-ass hive
Age: 16ish
Birthday: She's a Scorpio.
Lusus: Hidebehind-Cobweb Spider
Blood Color: Cobalt
Sign: Scoricorn
Aspect/Class: Witch of Rage
Lunar Sway: Prospit
Typing Style: Very outgoing and pleasant at first glance!!! Until she decides that she's 9ored, and that your failures are a9solutely hilarious and that you should feel awful a9out them.
Appearance: Disheveled, with torn jeans, untied shoes, and a ratty hoodie. She has three eyes, though it isn't always obvious because of her bangs.

Personality: If you've heard of a manic pixie dream girl, Anomie is a maniac goblin nightmare girl. She can be quite pleasant at times, but has a tendency to either go into hysterics when confronted. That, or simply egging them on, encouraging them to confront her on her own terms. She's not quite aware of it, but having a lusus that she's quite literally never seen that would often torment her due to a lack of communication has lead to an extremely warped perception of the world around her.

Strife Specibus: Bladekind
Weapon(s): Just. A comedic amount of knives. Cleavers, scalpels, box cutters, sawblades, it is utterly ridiculous how many knives this girl has.
Fetch Modus: Blacklight
Modus Description: The cards contents are usually hidden, unless swiped over with a blacklight.

Name: Ainran Limuls
Trolltag: affableAuthoritarian
Gender: Just a girl
Lives In: Some ridiculously overwrought and obscenely dangerous fortress
Age: 16ish
Birthday: She's a Sagitarius.
Lusus: Horseshoecrab Mom (Bonehilda)
Blood Color: Indigo
Sign: Sagiun
Aspect/Class: Prince of Breath
Lunar Sway: Derse
Typing Style: \VWV/ Erudite, poised, polite, refined, and sociable; with each message ushered by two of the most noble and dutiful of the Empire's creation, the Imperial drone! \VWV/
Personality: At first glance, Ainran seems like a genuinely friendly person, if somewhat prudish and law-abiding. Only two of these things are true. Anything that Ainran deems to be outside of one's personal duties to their caste, or the position that has been assigned to them, she does her very best to crush into submission. This includes her own aspirations- Ainran is absolutely terrified of highbloods.

Strife Specibus: Gunfistkind
Weapon(s): Her prosthesis
Fetch Modus: Entomology
Modus Description: Pin the flying insects in order to obtain your card. Difficult when half of your fingers are the size of screwdrivers.

Name: Henzon Slalem
Trolltag: astuciousThaumaturge
Gender: Clown, lady
Lives In: A warehouse next to a boardwalk amusement park
Age: 16ish
Birthday: She's a Capricorn.
Lusus: Acanthaspis petax
Blood Color: Purple
Sign: Capririus
Aspect/Class: Witch of Hope
Lunar Sway: Derse
Typing Style: vewy fwiendwy and with easy to undewstand wanguage! anything mean or siwwy she says is usuawwy hidden behind vewy nice things. OWO

(not pictured: the sock puppet she wears on one hand and speaks through at all times. Yeah.)

Personality: Henzon's sweet, saccharine exterior hides a dark secret: she is actually genuinely that well meaning. Her methods, however, are far more pragmatic than one would first expect. She'll gladly put someone into danger if she thinks the experience will lead to them growing as a person, and she'll politely and merrily lead someone into a death trap if she thinks they're an irredeemable monster.

Strife Specibus: Puppetkind
Weapon(s): Is a puppet really a weapon?
Fetch Modus: Tarot Modus
Modus Description: You'll always get what you need most, so long as you think you will.

Name: Porcia Ikaroa
Trolltag: torpidTyranny
Gender: Heiress
Lives In: A wrecked Imperial Cruiser
Age: 16ish
Birthday: She's a Pisces.
Lusus: Charnabyss(Really, really open here.)
Blood Color: Tyrian
Sign: Pigo
Aspect/Class: Bard of Space
Lunar Sway: Prospit

Typing Style: reAl fuckin cAsuAl. cAnt be fuckin Assed tO dO this rOyAl shit. idgAf whAt they gOnnA dO AbOut it im the fuckin heiress lmhO they gOt A fuckin prOblem we cAn just thrOw fuckin grAspers here sOlve this shit quick.

Personality: Porcia is what the professionals refer to as "a complete fucking idiot". Spoiled, wantonly destructive, lazy, apathetic and noncommittal, Porcia is quite possibly the worst possible choice for an Heiress. The only redeeming qualities she really possesses is her ungodly endurance- Porcia was once told to drink bleach by a particularly foul landdweller, and has taken it up as a habit.

Strife Specibus: Hammerkind
Weapon(s): Anchor Management
Fetch Modus: Portrait
Modus Description: Theoretically, you should probably try to paint something in order to get things out of these. Porcia just breaks them, though, usually rendering the object useless.

edit: oh, right. i'm xarv. I live in the central time zone, and I kind of just ooze characters from my subconscious. if none of these fit the bill, I can absolutely just knock one out to fit specifications in like, a day, tops.
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RE: SGRUB session! [Open]
Name: ?????? Belfor
Trolltag: caesaropapalTannenbaum
Gender: nb girl (They/She- please alternate)

Lives In: Along the shoreline, near a hemlock pine forest.
Age: 8 Sweeps (17) Years.

Birthday: N/A

Lusus: Snow leopard mom.
Blood Color: Purple.
Sign: Capripia

Aspect/Class: Witch of Light

Lunar Sway: Derse.

Typing Style: lowercase, proper syntax. capitalizes and italicizes all instances of TH or HT. uses fuck/fucking to disrupt the rhythmic flow of her sentences.


Belfor is only a little lacking in height for your average purpleblood, but they're expecting a growth spurt pretty soon. Long, unbrushed hair sits between two upwards-curving horns, each of which displays a swoop. They wear a thick turtleneck displaying their sign, a purple bowtie, pink pants with spangles and glitter, and bright green converse. Their face paint is sharp jags of dark grey under their mouth and eyes, like icicles.


As far as anyone knows, your name is just BELFOR.

You are many things. An EDUCUTIONER, an ANALYST, a RECITATOR, an ENFORCER, a serial CULLER, and most ubiquitously a TERRIFYING WITCH, crusading against POOR EXECUTION OF LITERARY THEORY and POOR EXECUTION OF LOWBLOODS, as well as CHURCHGOER ILLITERACY. To most of your clergy, your TRUE COLORS are the varying shades of HYPERLUCID AGGRESSION and MINDFUCK SOLIPSISM, and that’s the way you like it. People find you to be WHOLLY PREDICTABLE, and as clowns go that makes you LESS DANGEROUS. But you’re fine with being UNDERESTIMATED.

You like TOYING WITH PEOPLE, after all.

You also like SCRIPTURE, from ANALYZING ITS MEANINGS to PORING over the gorgeously illustrated pages of ILLUMINATED MANUSCRIPTS. You take special pride in RECITING THE HOLY RHYMES and delving into SYMBOLISM and MEANING of that which you PREACHHONK; and you are certainly the breed of troll to PRACTICE what you PREACHHONK. Your skill with a RAZOR-EDGED RIBBON BATON is a LIQUID GRACE, like pouring molten metal down the throat of a heretic, and you SLAY with PRECISION and PREJUDICE. But you’re not afraid of getting your prongs dirty. A good PUNCH is often just as effective. You’re kind of a BRUTE, despite appearances.

When you’re not performing your DUTIES, you have more SECULAR activities. You enjoy BAKING, kind of. More like you enjoy having something to do, and the CHEMISTRY of it is cool. Not to sound HERETICALLY SCIENSTIFFIC, of course. You’ve decried all sciences but the GENESIS, naturally– it’s just that understanding the chemicals of BAKING makes it easier to slip in your POISONS of CHOICE. You love watching people SEIZE and ASPHYXIATE after taste-testing your LATEST CONCOCTIONS. You also enjoy PLAYS and THEATER, and you’re kind of a righteously critical BITCH about your tastes in that, too.

Strife Specibus: Ribbonkind + Fistkind

Weapon(s): A gymnastic ribbon baton, outfitted with a razor edge.
Fetch Modus: Tome

Modus Description: The deck manifests as a book summarizing the qualities of the items stored within. The cards are annotative stickies and bookmarks throughout the tome.

Edit: hey, i'm cecil! I've got a bunch of other bastards if this one doesn't work for y'all, but i'm a fan of fanventures.
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RE: SGRUB session! [Open]
Hello, I'm McKee. I like RP but I don't get much of a chance to do it nowadays. I have a lot of trolls, and I'm up to using a couple for this.

Name: Zelann "Zel" Vivafi
Trolltag: luridCynic (can be made GCAT compliant)
Gender: agender (xe/xem/xyr)
Lives In: A modest hive in the Port of Tears area. Inland, but on a river.
Age: 7 sweeps
Birthday: n/a
Lusus: Gila Momster
Blood Color: Teal
Sign: Limino, Sign of the Endurer
Aspect/Class: Mage of Doom
Lunar Sway: Prospit
Typing Style: /W\ ~ a Way of talkiN that's Very iNforMal aNd kiNda feisty (/W\ ~ preface; capitalizes M, N, V, and W; shaves off the G at the end of an ing word.)
Personality: Zelann is an up and coming inquisitormentor with a penchant for arson and a rebellious streak. Xe tends to keep xyr rebelliousness on the down low and cyberculls other trolls online and plays speedy spikerodent games instead of getting caught and culled.
Strife Specibus: bayonetkind
Weapon(s): Bayonet, which xe uses mostly as a sword. It's got a serrated edge and a straight edge.
Fetch Modus: Molotov
Modus Description: Similar to a ship in a bottle modus. Light and throw! Please don't actually use this modus!

Name: Krujas Meylea
Trolltag: cinamatographersGoreshot
Gender: Guy (he/him)
Lives In: A cabin in the woods
Age: 8.5 sweeps
Birthday: n/a
Lusus: Boarshark
Blood Color: Purple
Sign: Capries, Sign of the Bold
Aspect/Class: Prince of Time
Lunar Sway: Derse
Typing Style: Does not say much............. 13ut when he does, he's surprisingly eloquent and extremely menacing. (pauses have 13 dots, replaces all Bs with 13.)
Personality: Krujas Meylea is a purple who fancies himself a filmmaking genius. He uses his caste and bloodlust as an excuse to hunt and murder low-to-midbloods on film and sell the reels to theaters. He makes a killing doing this.
Strife Specibus: Axekind
Weapon(s): An Axe, but he'll use whatever he can get his garage-sized hands on.
Fetch Modus: Blockbuster
Modus Description: He misunderstood the title.

Name: Kosmer Warsif
Trolltag: celestialAmygdala
Gender: shrug. (they/them)
Lives In: Chitinspire. Once a sprawling city known for its healing medicines, it's long grown quiet and most assume it's abandoned.
Age: 6 sweeps
Birthday: n/a
Lusus: They don't know! But they would probably tell you it was the pink moon.
Blood Color: Brown
Sign: Taurittarius, Sign of the Skydiver
Aspect/Class: Heir of Void
Lunar Sway: Derse
Typing Style: Everything they needed t○ kn○w, they learned fr○m their ○wn mind. (lowercase O replaced with ○, uppercase replaced with ?. Also replaces mentions of the moon with ?.)
Personality: Kosmer doesn't know or do much aside from wandering the daywalker-infested streets of Chitinspire and try not to die. They have an insistent pull towards the moon; you could definitely call them some kind of moon truther. Their quiet nature and ignorance on matters outside of Chitinspire makes them come across as stupid.
Strife Specibus: Pistolkind, Trickkind
Weapon(s): Gun. And a saw cleaver; a weapon with a serrated edge that unfolds for greater reach.
Fetch Modus: Quick Bar
Modus Description: Can hold about seven things and flip through them pretty quickly, but only one way. They have to cycle through them all again if they miss what they're going for or they'll stab themself in the leg trying to go back.

Name: Gormon Bizkit
Trolltag: upendingGravity
Gender: guy (he/they)
Lives In: West Killadelphia, hatched and raised
Age: 7.5 sweeps
Birthday: n/a
Lusus: A terrifying species of corvid known as a Furby. This one is exceptionally long.
Blood Color: Gold
Sign: Gemga, Sign of the Ascetic
Aspect/Class: Bard of Space
Lunar Sway: Derse
Typing Style: A horrible mishmash of memes, bolding/italicizing/capitalizing, and changing fonts in order to mimic different silly voices and inflections. Doesn't have a lot of rhyme or reason to it.
Personality: Bizkit makes surreal dadaist Grubtube videos using games or pre-generated assets and gets rich off the ad revenue. He never takes anything seriously, though he does pursue a means to escape helming. He could probably do it himself, but he doesn't quite know how.
Strife Specibus: Macgyverkind
Weapon(s): Duct tape something dangerous to something else and wield it as a weapon.
Fetch Modus: JOJ
Modus Description: Must say item's name forwards and backwards to make a funny sound.

Name: Maciek Tremul
Trolltag: unwaveringTussler
Gender: Girl (she/her)
Lives In: The Central White Wastes.
Age: 6 sweeps
Birthday: n/a
Lusus: Fluffy white barkbeast
Blood Color: Rust
Sign: Arpia, Sign of the Examiner
Aspect/Class: Page of Light
Lunar Sway: Derse
Personality: Maciek is an excitable rust that aspires to join the ranks of the Empire! Like a hero! She patrols her subgrub every so often to try and stop never-do-wells and other unsavory types from causing trouble. Eternally optimistic of her prospects. Somehow hasn't died yet.
Strife Specibus: Clubkind
Weapon(s): A big bone she found!
Fetch Modus: GET BACK HERE
Modus Description: Must retrieve things she needs from her vexing barkbeast lusus.

edit: a lotta emojis got kicked out-- Kosmer uses a moon emoji for capital Os, and Maciek ends her sentences with a shield emoji.
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RE: SGRUB session! [Open]
i haven't rped with my trollsona in a while but i'd sure as hell like to again
sooo here goes nothing

Name: Deruna Frikak
Trolltag: lostImmortal [LI]
Gender: Female (He/Him pronouns)
Lives In: A mountain near some stemcluster
Age: 6 sweeps
Birthday: sometime in summer
Lusus: Merson (Griffondad)
Blood Color: Bronze (Cinnamon)
Sign: Taursces, sign of the recovered
Aspect/Class: Knight of Life
Lunar Sway: Derse
Typing Style: no caps unless necessary, and no end punctuation
Appearance: https://images-wixmp-ed30a86b8c4ca887773...g5-pre.jpg
Personality: Kind, Caring, Adventurous, Curious and the list goes on
Strife Specibus: Staffkind, Spearkind, Battonkind (basically anything they can use to whack someone with)
Weapon(s): Hunting spear, metal bat
Fetch Modus: Backpack and pockets (Usage)
Modus Description: If used often or is quickly needed ex. first aid kit then it goes into his pocket storage, if not always needed ex. sketchbooks, pencils etc. goes into backpack

heyo name's dash
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