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oh msparp
Offline 10-10-2018, 02:19 PM
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Exclamation oh msparp
im not sure what there is to be gained by writing this, but the idea of a final eulogy to such a large part of my teenage upbringing gives me some sort of closure on that part of my life. i started using msparp in middle school, finding it very soon after i got into homestuck and had begun learning about other strange things related that would eventually shape me to be the weirdo i am today. i had been roleplaying prior to the site, but the bug really bit me once i began regularly visiting. i met friends, lovers, and enemies through the years. i experienced happiness, shame, and made pleeenty of mistakes. i regret some, yes, but i do understand that without them i may not be where i am today, on the way to becoming an english teacher with dreams of writing novels and being the best and truest partner to my future love. i grew up with this site and these forums, at least through my teenage years, and as high school draws to an end the requiem of msparp plays in my mind at the most random times.
so thank you, through all the hardships i was able to escape under a username and hexcode to become someone i loved and portray them how i saw fit. for bringing me to relationships, platonic to deep deep love, and letting me learn how to be a good friend and lover through trial and error. for letting get better and better at my passion for writing, and giving me an outlet id never had the chance to feel.
thank you, msparp!
i wont be sticking around much longer i mean GEEZ look at my old bio who even was i!!! a damn crackhead
so if you remember somebody named rei and you feel like chatting, shoot me a private message and maybe we can exchange discords. idek if any of my old friends are here but, boy could you imagine

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