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An Ode to MSPARP
Away 10-05-2018, 12:10 PM (This reply was last modified: 10-05-2018 12:13 PM by slug.)(Edited by slug.)
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Heart An Ode to MSPARP
[Image: 200.gif]

"Howdy pardner. What brings you 'round these parts? It's been quite some time since the last stranger wandered in. The place's deserted. Has been for quite a long time. Back in its prime, though, the place was beautiful. If you'd like, have a seat, and I could tell ya a little 'bout it."

[Image: n7nuMRP.png]

MSPARP... where do I even begin? I guess, the simplest answer, would be to start with the beginning.

I made an account on this amazing website on Saturday, December 27th, 2014. When I clicked that 'Register' button, I had no idea how big of an impact on my life it would make. For a time, I was much too shy, much too nervous to post anything, save for a few RPs in Group Connections. I met two friends through these simple group RPs, neither of which I have contact with to this day, but both of which I miss dearly.

Then, roughly three years ago, I hosted what would be the best MSPARP chat that I had ever hosted. It was called Murderstuck. If you're just visiting MSPARP out of a kick of nostalgia, chances are you've participated in or at least heard of Murderstuck. Crazy enough, I think that Murderstuck was one of my favorite online experiences. The RP was extremely fun, frantic, and emotional all at once. I met some great friends through Murderstuck.

And so, after a while since the first Murderstuck chat had kicked the bucket, I hosted a sequel. It absolutely sucked, dying only days after it was hosted, compared to the first one's lifespan of several weeks (which was quite long for a chat).

There was quite a long break until I hosted another (notable) chat on the site. During this time, I was still active on the forums, and it consumed quite a large portion of my life. Although I rarely took place in roleplaying anymore, I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with other people on the boards. I became an avid shitposter, frequenting General Chat, and every second of it was absolutely beautiful.

After a long year with little to no roleplaying, I decided to get back into it, but it would be on a chat of my own. I posted the third installment of Murderstuck, and I was extremely excited. Practically every old face from the first two had made a return, whether they were here to RP or not. Many, many new faces had taken part, as well. It went on to be even more enjoyable and live even longer than the first. To this day, I have never had more fun RPing.

Once I was through with Murderstuck 3, I resumed the daily routine of shitposting almost nonstop, taking breaks only to join the occasional group chat or fansession. That was when I had stumbled upon the first MSPARP Discord. It was an unofficial Discord, run by a user named Birdhouse. Although I never knew them personally, I owe them a lot for making this Discord server.

This server was amazing. Practically every active MSPARP user at the time was a member, and we all got to know each other a lot better. It's an entirely different level to speak to someone through forum posts than to speak to them through live chat messages.

Let's backtrack a little. Up until I had joined the server, I felt quite disconnected from the other frequent MSPARP users. There was no doubt that I was one of the most frequent posters at the time, but I felt alienated from them. Being able to talk to all of these people that I had previously spoken to on Discord, rather than on the Forums, was quite an awesome experience for me, as strange as it sounds. It made all of these users that I looked up to seem more human, and I became very close friends with a few of them.

It was rather inevitable, however, that the server would die. After quite a while, the server had finally reached its end. We had seen it coming for quite some time, but there really was no way to stop it. Thankfully, I had already made a few friends by then, and I continued to talk to them regularly through Discord.

Quite some time later, a new MSPARP Discord was created, and this time, it was hosted by the administrative team of MSPARP itself. This server lasted quite some time longer, and all of the faces from the old server showed themselves once more. A few new faces popped up, too. Hell, some of them didn't even know what Homestuck was, and they ended up joining through mutual friends and the like. Two of these people I am still very close with to this very day.

Although it had a significantly longer lifespan, there was quite a dry period in the middle. Practically no one used it, and by this point, the Forums were already a ghost town. Homestuck had ended sometime during one of the Discord server's lifespans, and that hit the Forums hard. But quite randomly, out of nowhere, the server had surged back to life. People were actually using it again, and I was pretty content with it. Though, not long after they had their spark of life, the admins of the server decided to close it down. I don't blame them for it, and although I forget the reasoning, I remember that it was a valid one.

And now we're where we are today. Why did I tell you this story? Hell if I know. It was less for you, and more for myself, to be frank. I don't think I've ever been a part of a more family-like community. I felt valued and accepted by my fellow MSPARP users, and I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of its community. It had its fair share of drama and controversy, but it was one hell of a ride. I've made some of my closest friends (directly and indirectly) through this website, and I still get filled with a sense of overwhelming nostalgia by typing in the URL to the site every time I get a little curious. It's like I'm hoping to see new posts in every single board again every time I log in. My heart desperately wants this site to spring back into life, to be like it used to. I miss it. I miss the Discord servers. I miss the friends I met along the way whom I haven't spoken to in years. But at the very same time, I'm glad I experienced it for the time it lasted. All good things must come to an end, and to me, MSPARP was a very good thing. I think the fact that it's an utter ghost down only makes me appreciate the time I spent here more. It was something magical, and I loved every step of the way.

Goodbye, MSPARP. I'll sure miss you one hell of a lot.

And who the fuck has been cutting onions the entire time I was typing?


slug, President of the United States
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RE: An Ode to MSPARP
[Image: 512wGRt.png]
Bonsoir, my golden nugget. Bonsoir.

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Offline 02-18-2019, 03:48 PM
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RE: An Ode to MSPARP
This was beautiful and reminded me of my own experiences. Thanks.

And if this place is truly anarchy, I guess it won't matter if I bump this thread.

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RE: An Ode to MSPARP
Au revoir, Slug. May your time here be forever engraved in the memories of you and the ones you knew.I may not have knew you, but you seem like one hell of a person. May our paths cross somewhere along in the future.

Just Keep Swimming
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Away 04-14-2019, 04:12 AM
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RE: An Ode to MSPARP
Thank you, epilogue. For making me feel so many feelings that I wasn't prepared for. This post is more relevant than ever today.
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RE: An Ode to MSPARP
this was actually really nice to read, wow

i love reading entire stories of how homestuck has affected people’s lives and i think this is one of my favorites!!! parp’s pretty much dead at this point and whether or not it’ll be revitalized is still up in the air, but i definitely owe it to this site for a lot of really fun rp’s and the nostalgia from looking back <3

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Offline 04-21-2019, 12:54 PM
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RE: An Ode to MSPARP
cheers mate, im right there with you. i dont think the comic will ever let go of my heart, and the time i spent here certainly wont either

Sure you want me?
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RE: An Ode to MSPARP
Bumping this because it's amazing and the only things that get bumped anymore are by spam bots.
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