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Marvel Chat
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Offline 09-03-2018, 11:25 AM
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Marvel Chat
1. No being rude OOC; IC is fine if your character is like that. CHARACTER LIMIT IS 3 for now. The limit might extend depending on how the chat does.
2. Arguments are highly discouraged. Punishments will be handed out if any severe form of an argument happens.
3. Please refrain from forcing others to fight in the RP if they don't want to.
4. Mass murdering or killing without permission is not allowed, either. It can get incredibly annoying.
5. OCs are allowed, but have to be checked by a mod first.
6. Please don't use super bright colors for text. Some people don't have the dark theme on.
7. Shipping is perfectly fine! NSFW is allowed in the NSFW chat, as long as it isn't forced.
8. Doubles characters are allowed, but not two of the same version of a character, i.e Two 616 Spidermans can't be in chat, but a 616 and a Superior Spiderman is fine..
9. Try not to act like a mod when you aren't. Mods are here for a reason, and we are always adding more mods that we can trust.
10. Please treat each other with respect OOC. If someone's opinion isn't the same as yours, don't be petty and insult them. If somebody starts insulting you, ask a mod for help, and if they aren't online, get the chat log link and send it to a mod when they come online. Also please use the OOC room for OOC.
11. Do not link other rp chats. You will be banned. Other links are welcome, and if the said link is NSFW, please keep it to yourself.
12. When people tell you to stop talking about something that violates the rules, stop. If you continue to talk about an offensive subject (i.e racism, homophobia, certain offensive jokes, etc.) then you will be punished.

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RE: Marvel Chat
bump up, we are getting more and more people
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