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Homestuck Tabletop/Roleplay?
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Homestuck Tabletop/Roleplay?
Hey! My name is Rat and I have a sloppy pitch for a RP/Tabletop game i've been tossing around in my head! For awhile I wanted to run a game where people can all explore their lands, meet their Guardian, and just in general have a experience with the game of SGRUB instead of it just being RP-Based. To do this, I had an idea on how to meld Gaming with Roleplay, in a unique way just to Homestuck! Here are some of the main points of interest:

1. Everyone is a GM, and Everyone is a Player.
Using a simplistic RPG System called 4th Gate, it's really easy to GM, so we'd have the Server Players run the Client Player's Planet! In return, THEIR Server player would do the same for them, letting every player have the flexibility of having a GM to control Denizens, consorts, and even land quests for the players!

2. There is an overarching plot, with side-plot.
Aside from just Land quests and individual tasks though up by the GMs, there is an overarching quest for everyone involving the First Guardian, and fragmented bits of code strewn across the planets. We'd talk to each GM about where and how we can place these so it doesn't interrupt!

3. Each land is fully explorable by it's player.
Since we have individual GM's, each player can ask their mod to run something for the, whether it be talking to a consort, running through a dungeon, or finding their Quest Bed, it's all within arm's Reach!

4. Characters can actually progress because it's a RPG!
Using the 4th Gate system, and easy level-up and stat system make to more fleshes out, as players don't fully control whether they succeed or not, along with them getting better and stronger as time goes on!

5. Pesterchum, Planet RP, and Moon RP are viable!
Instead of having to put it all in one big chat, it would be on Discord, so every planet would have it's own channel, allowing OC's to have private moments, planet exploration fun with a buddy, or just do group mission to hang out!

Tdlr; I want to run a Homestuck RP/Tabletop on Discord where all the players have their own GM’s and are GM’s. We’d have two AGM’s who’d help around when needed and run the First Guardian/Moons, but otherwise everybody would be a player in their own planet but a GM to their clients. Would you be interested in playing? Leave any and all questions underneath, and i'll get back to you as soon as possible!

UPDATE: Keep in mind, I need you to ask questions so I know what to expand upon, and awnser 'em! It just makes it TONS easier for me!

My Muses are Signless/Sufferer, Psiionic/Helmsman, Handmaid, and Darkleer. I also run a Homestuck Tabletop server![/align]
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RE: Homestuck Tabletop/Roleplay?
Hey, guys, update! I decided to make the server a thing, and inside is alot more information! If you would like to pop in and give it at the very least a check-up, the link is https://discord.gg/GV9qgmJ ! I'll also be individually PMing those whom said that they'd be interested to get them the links, just to be safe.

My Muses are Signless/Sufferer, Psiionic/Helmsman, Handmaid, and Darkleer. I also run a Homestuck Tabletop server![/align]
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