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(10-17-2018 06:47 AM)SpacedOutSylph Wrote:  Alright, thanks! I'll get back to you ASAP, that's an interesting character!!

Sorry for the late thanks but thanks!!!
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OKAY! So, let's break this down piece by piece :)
Also, do you have a lunar sway decided for her? If so, I can probably pin aspect/class down better, just let me know and I'll update this!

Anonim is fairly laid back and a go with the flow type of person.
This could be Prospit or Breath, it really depends...

She’s also pretty protective over anyone she’s friends with or in a quadrant with. She doesn't really take to kindly with people messing with her friends or quardrantmates and respond accordingly.
Usually with curses/hexes/jinxes. It's a pretty effective strategy.
Protective of loved ones, and uses curses to protect them? That could either mean Knight or Maid. Knights protect and Maids are often a little bit motherly. It really depends! As far as I've seen, magic usually comes with Light, but not always.

While violent-tendencies do tend to grow the higher up on the blood spectrum, As a cerulean blood, Anonim isnt as violent. Maybe she may be considered violent to lower blood castes, but to her own and the ones above her, she isn't that violent. She isn't violent unless she needs to be and she usually minds her own business and leaves people alone.
So, she's a calm person that only resorts to violence when necessary? This, coupled with her protectiveness of her friends makes me think Sylph actually, but she seems to be a bit more active than Sylph so I'll stick with Knight for now. However, maybe this means Prospit dreamer as Prospit is usually the more passive moon and influences its charges as such.

Not to mention, she’s also a homebody. She is perfectly content being in her hive for most of the time and doesn't really like being out and about for long periods of time. She sees her hive as her sacred area and most definitely does not appreciate others showing up unannounced. She will ignore anyone at her door until they bothered to message or call her.
Homes being safe places makes me think blood, as well as preferring to be at home. Being close to one's roots and all. Blood also sometimes ropes in good manners (as they usually facilitate the upkeep of relationships).

Anonim can get pretty talkative if anyone gets her going. She can talk for a very long time if no one bothers to interrupt her to tell her to shut up.
Talkativeness makes me think light! Light players thrive on information, and being especially loquacious is a sign of wanting to share information I guess?

She also has a creative mind to; she’s always finding creative solutions to things and can always find some creative way to mess with her friends and quadrantmates.
See, creativity is so often only ascribed to space, but the key word here is creative solutions. Light players are good at coming up with innovative ways to make progress!

She is quite obviously loyal to and cares about her friends and all. But she is also very blunt and direct. She is not likely to lie in any situation, even if feelings will be spared. It's not wise to seek her opinion if you expect it to solely be positive. She is very direct with her emotions and feelings.
Okay, so loyalty is usually blood, and caring about others, and all that. However, Maids are usually pretty caring about others too once they develop? And honesty is probably more light, not obscuring the truth even if the truth will hurt feelings. However, being honest with one's own emotions is usually a Knight's big weakness, so maybe she's a maid after all?

And she is most definitely not a pushover. She will not allow anyone to walk all over her. She can and will stand up for herself and call people out.
Okay so she protects herself, meaning her personality is pretty strong. I think it could be either Maid or Knight from this to be honest.

Due to her prophetic abilities, Anonim is a very knowledgeable person. She’s always spitting random trivia facts because she can. Even if she is laid back, Anonim can get energetic and playful at times. It takes quite a bit to tire her out. She is pretty optimistic to.
Okay so all this is pretty much the nail in the coffin, she's definitely a light player. Prophetic ability makes me think light, 100%. So does the fact that she uses that prophetic power to make herself knowledgeable! This reminds me of a Maid, especially that she's ambitious, proud of her knowledge. Optimism makes me think either Prospit or Light, maybe both! Light is all about fortune, so maybe she looks for the most fortuitous outcome? A bit of a stretch, so it's probably a Prospit thing would be my best guess.

And, she is sneaky and secretive to. She doesn't take too kindly to folks prying and trying to get into her business.
Okay, so secretive is a Void sign...However, her desire to protect her own secrets makes me think Knight? There's usually a bit of hypocrisy in a knight. For example, Karkat caring about his friends but always being so unpleasant to them.

See, I'm almost certain, but she seems to be missing the sort of facade all knights possess.... see Dave and his "cool kid" persona, Latula's "gamer girl" persona, and Karkat being angry all the time.
This makes me want to make her a maid. However, Maids usually inherently lack or are controlled by their aspect, which I'm not sure is here either. She's too active to be a Sylph, I think.

Okay! So from this information, my best guess is Knight of Light!! Still, if there's any information you wanna add, feel free to do so and I'll happily update this!! Let me know if you have any questions!!

Check out my God Tier/Fantroll Help Memo HERE :D!

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Offline 11-10-2018, 08:31 AM
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I need help with my quirk. My sign is Taurnius.

If you could also supply me with a God Tier for my trollsona OC, that would be great :)

I need help with my quirk. My sign is Taurnius.

If you could also supply me with a God Tier for my trollsona OC, that would be great :)
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Offline 11-11-2018, 05:09 AM
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Sure thing!! I'll get to work on that quirk based on your sign!

However, your sign only tells me blood color, lunar sway, and aspect, which are pretty much separate from your class. I can try to give you something based on aspects of bronze bloods, but that might not have much bearing on you personally...I might need some more info for a class!

Class is about how you interact with your aspect, and that's going to be different for every Taurnius.I can give a brief rundown of each class and you can pick which one you most relate to, but some info on personality, your interests, and other stuff like that. You can put it in a private message if that's more comfortable :)
(That would also help with the quirk!)

Just let me know, and I'll get back to you ASAP!

Check out my God Tier/Fantroll Help Memo HERE :D!

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