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Oh No! We Got Demons! [Demonstuck]
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Oh No! We Got Demons! [Demonstuck]

[ Demons ] -- [ Script/Paragraph ] -- [ Panfandom/OC ] -- [ Casual ] -- [ No Overarching Story ]
Character Sheet

The year is 2025; Demons have long made their existence clear and are starting to terrorize the humans. Some say it's necessary, others claim it's simply for fun. Despite that, the Human race has put together a new type of job that the government pays personally called the "Hunters". They are to just hunt down the demons, any means necessary and will have all expenses covered. Hunters are trained via other Hunters and are allowed their own brand of weapons if they choose, if not, they are given a standard Rifle.

Overall, this is a very blunt Demonstuck. No special story, no overbearing government or hell freezing over. It's just a simple war of Demons vs Hunters.

Demons: Demons eat only one thing: Meat. They prefer humans, however, peaceful demons prefer to consume animal meat. They are often sighted with glowing odd eyes and some demons even have tails. They are abnormally strong, and usually prefer to use their own bodies as weapons (fangs, claws) instead of actual weapons. They are able to hide their glowing eyes, and their tails, momentarily however, only a handful are able to successfully disguise as a human. Demons can enjoy human food, but they get nothing from it, no matter how much they eat of it.

Hunters: Their main goal in life is to kill all demons they see. They usually use a weapon of choice, and live in isolated places or in very small unnoticeable homes. Not all prefer to fight demons, some prefer to go after a peaceful approach. That however, is very frowned upon. Some hunters are actually Trainees, they are being taught under another hunter's care and guidance. These Trainees are the most favoured targets for hunter hating demons.

Peace Keepers: Peace Keepers as mentioned above, are peaceful people who only wish to see the people come together. They don't like to fight, but are able too if needed. They live regular lives, but often make sure their neighbor hunter don't kill the demons that they believe don't deserve to die.

Civilians: They are not an active demon nor hunter. They attempt to live peacefully, however with hunters and active demons around, that's hard to do. They can be somewhat able to fight for self-defense or even be the person housing an active demon/hunter.

(1) Let's keep this RP Simple. Your character should only fall between the Hunters, Demons, Civilians or Peace Keepers. Let's not go crazy with like, Mayors, leaders, or other shit. Just Hunters, Trainees, Demons, Civilians and Peace Keepers. Thank you!

(2) No God Modding of any kind. That means, no Mary-sues. No Gary-sues. You can not appoint yourself as 'King of the demons' or 'head hunter' unless EVERYONE in the chat is fine with that or even elected you to be that. When fighting, do not be a douche and be untouchable, beating everyone. Be fair!

(3) Since this is a primarily NSFW for violence, Death, gore and other stuff like that are allowed. However, when it gets way too graphic, put it in spoilers or maybe just not go into such details unless for some reason, absolutely necessary. Sexual things should be kept in PMs.

(4) This chat is friendly to both Script Users and Paragraph users.

(5) If you are playing an existing character, at least have the very basics of their character understood. We understand if you're trying out a new muse (I'm trying out Strange from MCU rn) but if you just butcher it horribly, we're going to ask you to give the character up.

(6) Shipping is fine, even encouraged but we do not encourage force shipping, or guilt tripping someone else into shipping with you or promising to ship with someone and leaving them hanging for someone else suddenly. That's just a shitty thing to do.

(7) We Do not have an App in this chat! You simply come in, change into your character, and punch your information on the sheets and start roleplaying! Inactive people will be kicked after a set amount of days though.


Mod List
[1] Sunny/Fallos [Chat Creator] : Jake, Karkat, Liam, Nico, Alfred, Julian, Tweek, Stephen, Sora.
[4] Persephone [Professional Wet Blanket] : Hal, Natasha, Russel, Mahalia, Simon

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RE: Oh No! We Got Demons! [Demonstuck]

This chat ain't dead yet and we still have lots of characters to choose from!

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Why Bluh alone when you can Bluh together?
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RE: Oh No! We Got Demons! [Demonstuck]
What kind of characters are you looking for :?
OCs, canon characters... I'm definitely interested but wanted to clear that up :)

Check out my God Tier/Fantroll Help Memo HERE :D!

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