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A Normal Day
Offline 07-09-2018, 04:18 PM
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RE: A Normal Day
>Into the loungeblock! Follow the trail of destruction and perhaps pick up after your lusus.
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Offline 07-09-2018, 04:33 PM
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RE: A Normal Day
Ech. Might as well. And pick it up? No. Your lusus would yell at you for putting things in the wrong stuff. It's safer to just leave it be. You enter the loungeblock. Two loungeplanks, a bunch of plants, even more books, and a tv which has more things on it than a lowblood tv should. You have connections though since most of your friends are in the highblood status', though mostly lower area of it. Still higher than your bronze blood.

You look out the large windows that line the wall of your hive. Bad designing. If you wake up in the middle of the day you can't go downstairs because of all the windows where the sun is bound to burn you. That's where you're envious of your jade blood friend. But not much. The windows help the plants though. You think. Honestly you don't know. Plant's were never your thing no matter how much your lusus tried to make you like it. The plants are for your lusus to be occupied mostly.

Oh why did your lusus put boxes all over the loungeplanks. Annoying.

ANYWAY. What will you do?
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