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Dagany (A Magic school AU)
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Dagany (A Magic school AU)

Welcome to Dagany

Dagany is an international, independent, boarding school for Mages or any other Creatures with strong abilities. It is, to say the least, both prodigious and of the utmost prestige. If students attend the school, they would easily be welcomed as Mages in a Kingdom’s court or in the highest Mercenary Guild.
The school is located on neutral island straddling the ocean boundary between the Southern Otode Sea and the Vanake Ocean just outside the Dusan Empire.

Due to the prestigious nature of the school it simply does not receive applicants, rather it has its own talent scouts and criteria for finding those children it deems to be potential students and bringing them to the school. The typical type of child chosen to be a Dagany student can be from any sort of background, whether it be a noble or a lowly serf, they only have to have some sort of strong ability. When a child is chosen their legal guardians/caretakers are notified by written letter:

Dagany uses the newest, most cutting techniques in education and all associated disciplines to ensure the student receives a first-class education and care while in the school’s custody. The school and island are outfitted with means of obtaining practically any and all goods and services are students may desire, while still teaching them the norms and values needed to be a well-rounded and functioning member of society. In every conceivable way, the school is perfect… If you ignore the fact that it also trains these students to use their enhanced abilities to help their chosen kingdom to perhaps become an Empire or become a mercenary that uses their perfected abilities and skills for money.

Students must wear the school required uniforms in their normal weekday schedule. On missions, combat-related activities, weekends or when they aren’t in class they can wear any clothes of their choice.

The uniform is just a cloak with the school’s symbol and the color of the student’s rank, the students are free to wear what they want under their cloak

Ranks (Students are ranked by how well they can use their abilities, not by how strong they are):
Cornflower: This rank can barely use their abilities or control them
Periwinkle: Students of this rank maybe able to do a few things with their abilities, but can easily overextend themselves or not how to utilize them properly.
Cersie: Has either most of their abilities under their control or can utilize very well.
Crimson: Students of this rank have full knowledge and control of their abilities both in and out of combat.

School layout:
The school is very big, with a large courtyard (almost as big as two football fields) in the middle of it. The library, Nurse/Main office to the north of it with the indoor training area (holding a large indoor pool) and ballroom to the south of it. The classrooms are to the right of it and the Dorms to the left of the courtyard.

Students are housed in large dorms, about the size of a townhouse with roommates of the same rank. They usually are in groups of two or three people, each having their own room but sharing a common area holding a sitting room, a bathroom, and a small kitchenette. The rooms in the door come with a small closet, a bookshelf, a writing desk with writing utensils, a vanity, a full sized bed, shelves and drawers to store other things in them.

1.) No godmodding or overpowering, it ruins the RP experience. A mod will warn you if you're godmodding/being overpowered.
2.) Don't force shipping or bashing, that's a dick move dude
3.) Don't be a jerk in OOC chat, nobody appreciates it.
4.) Gore & cursing are fine in the main, but no smut! Take it to the Smut room.
5.) Don't advertise other chat rooms in here! If someone wants to join your chat, just PM them.
6.) OC's only!
7.) Respect people, regardless if you’re a Mod or just a Rper.
8.) Say "Capri Sun? More like I’m Capri Done" so everyone knows you read the rules.
9.) People can fight and kill other characters, as long as you don’t do anything stupid like
10.) While you don't have to make a full on application, please run their powers and what rank they are, by a mod and make sure to fill the reserve out (and have a mod look over it) before you start roleplaying! {Also, if you want to make any major changes to the characters powers later on or their abilities, make sure to ask a mod first}
11.) If your character has more than one power (limit is 3) please make sure that they work together/it makes sense to have them. (Don’t have your character born with just one and later down the road they get bit by a radioactive spider before being used as a test subject, it doesn’t make sense even in a chat with enhanced individuals)
12.) There is no character limit but don't get in over your head.
13.) Have fun!!

Chat Links:
World information

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