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long long agoooo before the end they created the history
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Offline 06-02-2018, 11:58 PM
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long long agoooo before the end they created the history
hi i am coming here for an annoucment
ok, so at the beggining.
The roleplay will take place on discord, cause it is best visually for that.
There will be two roleplaying at the same time - beforus and alternia versions of the ancestors.
You can add ancestors of your own OC's and play them too, there is nothing bad about it.
we will create the history of the alternia from beggining of their lifes with time-skips, until we come to the signless's death. time skips will only affect you and your rp-partners, not everyone, feel free to ask me about the details if you want.
after signless's death will come... i don't know, the next, now mostly without timeskips.
what about beforus timeskips? i dont know yet, probably the same way like alternia...
you can join if you want.

taken characters : signless (me)
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