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GodStuck/Earth C
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GodStuck/Earth C
This is an after game AU, where the kids and trolls have to rule over and shape the new universe they’ve made!

The year is 4013, the world has been populated by trolls and humans alike, a balance casted by the Gods themselves!

In this world the Humans and Trolls who created the universe are seen as Gods, beings to be worshipped by the population of the new world. Each god reigns over a certain aspect of the universe, each and every 24 of them keeping the balance. The world follows a religious book called ‘The Tome’ which tells of how the heros were able to create the universe and everyone living on Earth C. Although after 4000 years some gods became more popular than others, which includes more distinct worshippers and temples. On the Earth C each god has a quest bed, though each bed is hidden somewhere underground, only fingered abot among the worshipers. It’s the absolute resting place of the Gods.

The setting is basically like Skyrim, the inventions they have, transportation and terrian. Only the gods themselves can produce magic, which was kept after the game.
There will be violence and blood in this chat!!!!

Very few characters are taken because it’s a new chat! Please join us and have some fun Heart

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