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Peace and Love (On the Planet Earth)~~
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Rainbow Peace and Love (On the Planet Earth)~~
I love Steven Universe, and I've been trying to get an RP up and starting on here, but there's hardly ever anyone on, soooooooo... I made a chat version of it too! Lol hopefully this gets picked up again! Same rules apply in both chats!

You must submit an application of some kind in both chats! I'll keep who's playing who posted, but if you go for 2 days at the most without replying in the chat, you will be kicked for new people to join! All of this helps to keep it from getting overcrowded. (You don't have to PM me the application lol, you can just post it as a reply on here and after I approve it feel free to reply whenever you're ready.

I may be trash,
but I'm High Quality Trash.
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