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A Homestuck OC chat!
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Bug A Homestuck OC chat!
Here's the "I made this two months ago and never bothered to actually make a forum memo for the thing" post.


The chat is a simple chat for Homestuck-based OCs, trolls, humans, cherubs and the occasional fanspecies. The chat is script but there are no limits as to how much you want to type. Five sentences? Five paragraphs? You're good.

Once you click the link, please read the rules and description, even if a mod doesn't tell you to immediately. They're not too bad!

Here's the link!

Note: We're fairly active in the evenings and late into the night for US timezones, and keep around 5-10 people in the chat on average, so there probably will be someone to roleplay with you on at these times if you're patient! Don't give up hope...

Also, chances are you've probably been here depending on how active you are on the groups list. Who knows. We hit pretty high peaks.
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RE: A Homestuck OC chat!
imma join

heyo name's dash
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