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What Kind of Chat Would You Like To See?
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Offline 05-23-2018, 09:30 AM
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What Kind of Chat Would You Like To See?
So, I've had an idea for an RP set in a world I made quite a while ago, but I'm not exactly sure what time period I should set this in.

Would you rather
a. Media-eval Fantasy (i.e. LoTR/D&D style fantasy world with Medieval technology and culture.)
b. Modern Fantasy (Modern technology and culture with magic and supernatural elements)
c. Science Fantasy (Futuristic technology mixed with supernatural.)

I RP John Egbert, Fefetasprite and Nepeta Lejion . You can see me RPing my three OCs: ir0nicEye (Metri0), CANINECRUSADER (CANISS), and unde@d@rgon@ut (sirius)
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