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(CLOSED) Sburblin - OC Fansession [6/6 Humans, 6/6 Trolls]
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(CLOSED) Sburblin - OC Fansession [6/6 Humans, 6/6 Trolls]
It's The Beginning Of The End
For like, the 10th time since 2018.
Your name is (INSERT NAME HERE) and you're one of the few chosen to play a spectacular game known as SBURBLIN. Every 10 years or so, an oncoming group of meteors crash into the world you reside on. Everyone dies, except for the people who play the game... and their duty is to redesign the planet and bring back the population.
This chat is currently Discord-based, but we will be doing the actual roleplaying on MXRP once we get some more people. There will be more information on both soon.
You can apply here or on the Discord.
Feel free to join!

(posted in wrong section)

[Image: unknown.png]
Check out Sburblin, a written fanventure by yours truly!
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