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Just Have Fun
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Offline 05-18-2018, 10:36 AM
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Just Have Fun
Yes im still doing the poll and poll chat thing.

Just a place to vent or have fun. vent to people on here about your day whether bad or good, vent about how society is horrible, vent about how good ice cream is, anything really. Have fun with the cool topics we will be talking about or games we'll play like tord(truth or dare) or honestly just anything. this chat is just for fun and to relax and just be yourself whenever however.

discuss ships! or new manga/anime that'll come out! discuss why msparp now has teenage muntant ninja turtles filters! discuss the newest episodes of steven universe and why people are freaking out! discuss why homestuck is still alive but still seems deader than corpse!!

But yeah this chat is for you guys.

Have a good time.

(Also dont check show system messages its a pain)

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Some people have better things to do then listen to you whine.
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