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Alpha Terminal [OC Space RP]
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Alpha Terminal [OC Space RP]
So, space is cool, right?

Alpha Terminal is an RP set about a decade and some years in the future. Space travel has become much simpler, and scientists are on a quest to discover planets similar to Earth beyond the stars. Spaceships called 'reavers' are used to send squadrons into deep space on these expeditions for new life. Your character is part of the first ever child squadron, sending adolescents into the skies after training and a multitude of tests. However, it all goes awry when the reaver goes a bit off track. After a desperate accident, they find themselves lost in deep space with unfamiliar stars, and they must act fast in order to survive.
- - - - - - - -
This is an OC chat with this bullshit idea that came to mind one day. After many thoughts and some debating, it has been made. Of course, if you could provide some insight and some suggestions without changing the whole 'plot' or otherwise setting, it will be very much welcomed!

couple things to note:
- Please apply in the OOC chat which will be linked at the bottom.
- Asking questions here on the memo is fine.
- I'm not the #1 on the chat, I'm the #2 helpin' out. Questions can of course be directed at them too on the OOC chat. I'm also here to help as well.
- [RP Chat] - [OOC Chat] - [Reserves] -

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