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wizard stuff
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wizard stuff

AU set in a small, coastal town in Oregon. Magic is real, but only became real on 01/01/17 Got almost no one on here, please come

The chat's setting is a small coastal town in Oregon. Therefore it is rarely sunny out and is usually cold, cloudy, raining, or a mix of the three. There’s lot of trees around, in, and surrounding the town. Because it’s smack-down right on the coast, there’s also a lot of beaches and other water-related places to visit. There are also a lot of forests around.
People have suddenly been changed without any known means behind it(No one knows how or why). People have become magical things like dragons, werewolves, wizards, etc. Modern setting and humanstuck. Not everyone is magic, just a few of them. However, pretty much everyone R.P.s magical people.

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