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Yo Yo Yo, its ya boi
Offline 04-28-2018, 10:55 AM (This reply was last modified: 04-28-2018 11:07 AM by unfortunatelyunfortunate.)(Edited by unfortunatelyunfortunate.)
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Bug Yo Yo Yo, its ya boi
Looking mainly to develop a kismesis Club relationship with another troll. I wish for 0 compatibility (like Aries and Taurus) if that makes any sense at all. I'm in the mood to be super enraged. At the end it'll become a mix of Matespritship and Kismesissitude Spade / Heart. I don't super want a fight to be made I want it to come naturally, so like they great eachother, and then something comes up instead of someone just trying to pick a fight.[/color]
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