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Homestuck Mansion Chat!
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Homestuck Mansion Chat!

Set in a huge multi-colored mansion, and I'm talking HUGE, everyone lives together in one house located somewhere in the Void, along with multiple Parks, Oceans and Locations from the canon Homestuck area somehow set inside the mansion, usually found by searching around. Every family/caste has their own part of the mansion, with it being highly personalized to their tastes, hives and mannerisms, though there is a chance that someone from someone elses family will somehow move into someone elses part of the mansion.

There is also a huge dreamrooms located in each "house" of the mansion, with them being able to be able to bring anyone inside, but unable to take anything out.

Other than that, there is a huge kitchen, living room with all sorts of video consoles, and personal robots for you to tinker with or destroy, they just pop up

Have fun!

1. Homestuck Canons, AU's, OC's and Ancestors are allowed.
2. Ask before being an OC or AU.
3. Do not forceship, make sure ships have consent, and oc x canon is allowed if one were to desire. That being said, OC's, do not pressure canons into a relationship simply cus "canons".
4. Mod Papili urges you to be nice to your fellow rpers, and to not judge ones character simply because their oc/canon acts weird.
5. No NSFW, pls.
6. Hussie is God.
7. Please make your desc/name the actual name of the character, rather than chumhandle.
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