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[4/13 — homestuck theory] candy red blood
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[4/13 — homestuck theory] candy red blood
4/13. in celebration of this special date, i thought about posting a theory i’ve written some time ago but was too afraid to post it. nonetheless, i really want to know what you guys think about this so feel free to voice your opinion if you leave something mean i’ll probably cry in the corner 'cause i'm hella sensitive lmao and constructive criticism is always appreciated.

As we all know, Homestuck has been over for some time now. But there’s still a couple of questions left unanswered, today we will focus on one question i have been asking myself for the past few days; and i might have found an plausible answer to it.

What is the biological cause of candy red blood?

Okay no that’s not right, is it? I didn’t quite specify whether or not i’m gonna talk about ALL candy red bloods in paradox space (trolls, cherubs, leprechauns…) this theory focuses on trolls, more specifically Karkat Vantas.

What is the biological cause of candy red blood in trolls?

Yeah that’s better. Still here? Okay great let’s begin then! Get a snack or some water (it’s important to stay hydrated) and get comfy i guess.

Before anything else, let’s gather the main things we know about this peculiar mutation in homestuck:

- Candy red blood is an extremely rare mutation on Alternia. 
- Karkat Vantas, Kankri Vantas and The Signless are the only trolls known to share this mutation.
- It is not considered a “valid blood colour” in the hemospectrum.
- It is shared by a multitude of species such as cherubs (notably Caliborn/Lord English), carapacians, leprechauns and humans.

So what causes this mutation amongst trolls you ask? I present you sickle-cell disease (SCD), it is a rare blood disorder which is characterised by the presence of sickle (crescent-shaped) red blood cells in the bloodstream. It is considered to be a harmful genetic mutation as it presents a number of negative side effects and lowers life expectancy to 40-60 years. It affects over 4.5 million people worldwide = 1 in every 1666 people.

Sure okay it is not EXTREMELY rare but hey, it is certainly not common.

From all this data, we can see how this relates to our crabby protagonist in a way. So if Karkat truly is affected by this mutation, how did he get affected by it? As previously mentioned it is a genetic disorder, meaning that it can be acquired or hereditary. Sickle-cell disease is an inherited disease which means there’s only one troll Karkat could have inherited it from...

The Sufferer.

As you can see from the image above, we can clearly see the lexical field of genetics (i couldn’t think of a better word lmao). These words surely weren’t chosen by accident, I mean c’mon it’s Hussie we’re talking about.

Also, Karkat’s signature weapon is a sickle so perhaps this was meant as a symbolic concrete representation of his blood mutation. In addition, according to this marvellous chart made by this amazing person we can see that the minimal life expectancy for a lime/candy red troll is ~60 years which sorta correlates with the previous data regarding life expectancy in those affected with the disease (40-60 years).

But we can see that the maximum life span is shown to be ~110 years. So what now? Well my guess is that candy red is actually a variation of limeblood. There’s a fair amount of data out there I could use to make my point but for now let’s focus on the more obvious and convincing one. Let’s take a look at the extended zodiac made by Andrew Hussie himself.

The True Cancer sign (CA(N)* = Lime Sign -- *CER = Prospit + Blood) is a part of the lime caste so it is a limeblood sign in its essence.

Another point is the cancer is the consequence of a flaw in gene procreation but you can probably guess that already no need explaining that. Basically mutation cancer karkat (see the connection here?).

And finally, this could be a bit of a stretch especially if you’re not a firm believer in astrology but hear me out. The zodiac sign cancer is ruled by the moon, an astronomical body often represented by a crescent-shape tinted grey/silver. This bears a resemblance to Karkat’s sickle strife. Furthermore, the moon dictates your emotions, feelings and sensitivity. Needless to say Karkat’s feelings are heavily accentuated possibly due to the strong connection shared between the cancer sign and the moon.

But! Just before I end this I feel obligated to point out some flaws in my theory. This doesn’t quite explain any hue modifications from lime to bright-ass red but hey. This could also be named "why is karkat's strife a sickle" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

But hey, it’s just a theory. A shitty homestuck theory. Thanks for reading this and hope you have a wonderful day.

4.13.2018 ♥
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RE: [4/13 — homestuck theory] candy red blood
great theory, I totally agree that it is a genetic blood-related disease,
Karkat and Kankari are both blood players, (the only blood players) and so if nothing else, it is poetic

my only problem with your theory
other than the fact that they tend to have a small bit of symbolism with crescents(Karkat's sickle, the moon with astrology), I see no reason that it would be sickle cell disease
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RE: [4/13 — homestuck theory] candy red blood
thank you ! i was actually pretty scared to post it, glad to know someone liked it ! that truly means a lot to me.

yeah honestly i thought that whole crescent thing was a bit of a stretch too but eh.

[Image: VCp3Vx7.gif]

❝ all your flaws and i still think you are perfect ❞
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