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"Welcome to Rika's Fundraising Association!

Though the association has suffered a loss, the remaining members have desperately banded together to keep the RFA’s legacy alive. The parties will continue to be hosted and long-lived in remembrance of Rika, a truthful, loyal and innocent woman/friend/mother figure. Though the parties won’t be immediately resumed as they used to be, continuing the legacy that the RFA had built, would have been what Rika wanted. So from her memory, the parties will continue among other events, so please enjoy your time with us."

➤ The timeline will be in a 5 month follow of the true end (707's route), everyone's good ends and all the secret endings, with just minor changes....
To keep the flow of ships available to those who want to engage in ships of their choice, with consent between muns, MC wouldn't have held any romantic relation with the RFA members and were more platonically involved.
V didn't die! Hurrah!- but he was shot. ;;>_>






✅ [12] V [Kim Jihyun]
✅ [1] 707 [Luciel/Saeyoung Choi]
❌ Jumin Han
✅ [11] Zen [Hyun Ryu]
❌ Yoosung Kim
❌ Jaehee Kang
❌ MC1
❌ MC2
❌ MC3
✅ [2] Unknown [Saeran Choi]
❌ Vanderwood
Rika Unavailable
❌ Tom
❌ Echo Girl
❌ Sarah Choi
❌ Glam Choi
❌ Mr. Chairman [Mr. Han Senior]



➤ Listen to the mods! If a Mod or Mods ask for your attention, give it. If they ask to PM, respectfully follow orders. You may not even be in any trouble. Mods exist to monitor the chat and make sure it stays fun and active for everyone’s convenience! If there is a problem please contact a mod! Mods just want to make sure everyone feels safe and comfortable in the chat. If something or someone is upsetting or bothering you, speak to a mod. Don't try to fix the problem yourself, you may make matters worse or get into trouble yourself.

➤ Respect everyone! Be kind and mindful of your actions.

➤ No godmodding or controlling other people's characters. (Discuss any major plots with both the mod and the other mun before following through with them!) No injuring or killing someone else's character without discussion prior, and spoilers involved.

➤ Doubles of a character are not allowed! Nor are genderbent canons! MCs are allowed and don't have to be female but keep the the limit of available MC slots at 3.
You can reserve characters, but once you reserve you must remain active to hold your reserve.

➤ This chat is listed as NSFW for content that may come up as touchy or NSFW, which is allowed. Though smutty and highly triggering NSFW content must be taken to another room whether it be PM or the NSFW room. Anything that may be considered triggering or mildly NSFW should be put into spoilers and tagged. (Also please no NSFW Refs of any types.)
ANYONE PARTICIPATING IN NSFW SMUT MUST BE 18+!! Anyone 18+ can get in serious trouble for rping NSFW SMUT with a minor! It’s against the law! It can may also make either participant incredibly uncomfortable or upset, so please be honest with age. No one will be upset with you for being underage.
Do not force shipping or NSFW. Also, do not enter this chat with your only intent being NSFW. This chat is not for that. Just as not forcing ships, do not diss ships. Understandably you may not like a ship, but everyone has ships they dislike and those they do. Anyone doing either of this will be silenced or banned.

➤ This is a paragraph chat! You aren't required to write walls, but please no script style (asterix *) or one liners. Try to match your partner's length if you can, otherwise just give them something acceptable to work from! (There will be a separate chat dedicated to directly act as a messenger for short straightforward responses like in-game.)

First breaking of any rule will be a warning, second will be a silence for 10-15 minutes. Following breaks are determined on severity.
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