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Spacelocked Discord
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Spacelocked Discord

A AU roleplay discord featuring Betas, Alphas, Ancestors, and Hiveswap

In this universe, by either abusing mystical time powers, or by using ancient alien technology. Everyone has arrived on the meteor. Alpha humans, alpha trolls, beta humans, beta trolls. They're all living together on a meteor hurtling through paradox space. Now, with the added addition of trolls and humans from the past making their way on the meteor through an ancient cherub portal. They still have a ways to go before they'll make it to their destination though, they are in their third year on the rock; and, with the growing number of people crowding the space (granted it is large enough to hold them all without any issue and still leave room for personal space), the ride might get bumpy! So ensues space shenanigans, meteor mischief, crowd control, and an intent to survive a huge rock full of quirky oddballs while not dying at the hands of everything that's trying to kill them.
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