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Looking for interesting OC dynamics (anyone)
Offline 03-17-2018, 06:44 AM
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Looking for interesting OC dynamics (anyone)
Hey so I have like made a few new OC's and I have been itching to use them but I don't quiet know where. I'm just looking for people to write with/rp with for fun and looking for characters that might clash or combine well with my characters. Cool dynamic I want to do are things like a hard headed person gets a child they have to deal with, or two characters the obviously hate each other but have to with with each other. Also it would be fun to have supporting pals. I'm just down the have my OC's clash with others or just having a nice with pals! Which ever

My three OCS at the moment are Seraphine, Melody, and Margaret

If any of them interest you PM me or hmu on Discord at ree#8368


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