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Offline 03-12-2018, 01:19 PM
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Hey, fansessions. They are certainly a thing and usually trainwrecks.

We are fond of trainwrecks, but, since we're so enthusiastic, we like to have some really well coordinated trainwrecks. Much like this forum post itself. This thing's going to be perfectly serviceable but that's about it.

So! Clusterfuckers Incorporated was founded by one sleep deprived tabletop enthusiast and like eight or nine friends that they managed to scrounge up. Boasting/ashamed of spending this much time too many discord channels, dream moons, dream moon shenanigans, all canon troll castes, all canon classpects, exiles, custom planets, custom quests on those planets, and a very dedicated gamemaster, we've been looking for three more people who are just as poorly adjusted as us to get onto this steam engine and careen over a cliff into sweet, sweet oblivion.

The rules are here:

The rules that you as a human being should follow are as follows:

1. Don't be a jackass.
2. No, seriously, don't be a jackass.
3. Keep it safe for work. Blood is okay to the extent that there was blood in Homestuck proper.
4. Make it to the session you choose.
5. If you have a problem, tell someone so it can get solved.

As for the session:
Twelve people is a lot. Like, a lot a lot. So, there's the six versus six aspect, making it so you can get familiar with your team.
Six people is also a lot. Not quite a lot a lot, but it's up there. So, during the FLARP campaign, we'll be dividing each team of six into two teams of three. The actual gameplay of the FLARP will be games that you're probably familiar with in one way or another, but taking place in the lethal hellscape of Alternia. It'll also be largely inspired by what you think up of for your troll's ancestor!

Teams are decided by which session you decide you want to take part in. There's one session with two openings that takes place after 1PM Central on Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday, and another that takes place after 9PM on Saturdays with one opening. Central time zone! Keep this in mind!

Fluffwise, things are fairly flexible. This is pre-scratch Alternia. I know. It's not Beforus. The OOC reasons for that are it would be a pain to come up with a new planet and get people to stick with it, and I don't feel like being a jerk and bullying people like that constantly. The IC reason is a ~mystery~. Oh, and the Troll Illuminati exists, in the not-confirmable way that secret societies tend to.

We're using trolls. Because of course we are. The bloods that are open are:

The classes which are open are:

The aspects which are open are:

And there's one Derse slot open, and one Prospit slot open.

If you're interested, harass the gamemaster on discord at Nobody#8831.
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