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Wonderlands Nightmare
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RE: Wonderlands Nightmare
(03-15-2018 12:37 PM)Stayinxalive Wrote:  
Seraphina “Sera” Maldive
Royal|Hunter| Demon| Other:
Spades Hunter
When Seraphina was born, her mother died in childbirth and her father was not around so Sera was put in the care of a family friend. There she was raised with the values of her caretaker. The values were very cookie cutter: Don’t steal, Don’t lie, Treat others how you want to be treat, etc. But Sera felt like she wanted something more with her life then to just grow up, have a family and die. She wanted to be important. She wanted to leave a dent in this world but it seemed hard. She did her best but she couldn’t even fathom how hard this path she chose was going to be for herself. She started training to be a Spade as soon as she was able to, eager to become something she could be proud of. It was hard. Intellectually, Sera was doing fine. She was a very strategic mind, capable of fast thinking. During a fire of her caretakers home, Sera had lost her right leg below the knee. She had to work even harder to keep her status but after years of working her ass off she is in a comfortable place where she is serving others
Seraphine is a sweet girl who only wants the best for those around her, but if you make a bad impression on her,
she will side eye you till it’s the right time to strike. She is not one to force herself to deal with situations she does not find favorable but if it’s for the gain of those she is loyal to, then she will put up with it. She always seems to feel inferior and tends to get scared easily but she doesn’t like to show that side of herself. She has a confident facade that keeps her standing. She longs for a life long friend or family who will care for her. She just wants people that she can rely on.
Sera stands at 5’ feet tall and has light brown hair, blue eyes, and has a prosthetic right leg.
Bow and Arrow
Sera excels at healing, and normal spade things. Mainly healing though.
She is kinda a nihilist
Always tired

OOC Name: Ree
OOC Pronouns: They/Them

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