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greetings from OOC meenah
Offline 03-10-2018, 07:51 PM
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greetings from OOC meenah
i tried rping with random people as meenah...
found a horuss, we had a pretty decent chat.
sorry if my meenah rping was terribly OOC
tell me how to improve!
putting it here because of depression and apathy mentions

Horuss [HORUSS] joined chat.
Meenah [MEENAH] joined chat.


HORUSS: 8=D < Your horseness!

HORUSS: 8=D < Er, highness.

MEENAH: issfine

HORUSS: 8=D < I’ll get that right the first time, one day.

HORUSS: 8=D < What brings you to my dream bubble?

MEENAH: as a fellow punmaker i can appreciate sporadic punnin

MEENAH: nuff muc)(

HORUSS: 8=D < I can appreciate it as whale!

MEENAH: )(a)(a yesss

HORUSS: 8=D < I’m giving myshellf two points for effort.

MEENAH: s)(ell yes

HORUSS: 8=D < I do have some-fin to ask of you, however. Sadly, more serious than puns.

MEENAH: s)(oot

HORUSS: 8=D < Have you herd from Meulin? She hasn’t been responding to me for... a while. Uncomfortably long.

MEENAH: t)(ats probubbly bcuz s)(e cant )(ear t)(e c)(at notif

MEENAH: or s)(es off doin weird s)(it wit)( kurloz

HORUSS: 8=D < I mean, she always replies eventually, within a week or so

HORUSS: 8=D < But I haven’t herd in much longer.

MEENAH: wow )(ow long )(as it been

HORUSS: 8=D < Too long.

HORUSS: 8=D < Longer than my hoof beast face.

MEENAH: o)( noes

MEENAH: w)(ale if i sea )(er round ill tell )(er you called

HORUSS: 8=D < Rufioh hasn’t reponded either... actually, I mare say you’re the first one by in a long while.

MEENAH: but w)(y dont you just look for )(er yourss)(ellf


MEENAH: yea)(

MEENAH: about rufio)(



HORUSS: 8=D < I’m naturally a hermit, so I tend to... hole up.

HORUSS: 8=D < No need to tell me. He’s already found someone to cheat on me with, but because I’m practically isolated he hasn’t bothered to break up?


MEENAH: sorry

HORUSS: 8=D < It was bound to happen.

MEENAH: do you

MEENAH: still like )(im

HORUSS: 8=D < But as Meulin tells me, it’s best to keep smiling and hide the pain.

MEENAH: no t)(ats teribubble advice

MEENAH: no offense

HORUSS: 8=D < It’s fine.

MEENAH: im not your moirail but t)(ats some s)(it advice

MEENAH: tb)( i t)(ink its one of t)(e reasons )(e broke up w you

HORUSS: 8=D < As for Rufioh... considering that I have a very limited ability to emotionally attach to anyone and it takes a painfully long time for me to register emotional attachment, yes, I do.

HORUSS: 8=D < But it will fade.

MEENAH: bouy your continuous smiling can creep out even t)(e condesce

MEENAH: even meulin s)(ows expression

MEENAH: t)(ats )(oofbeast disc)(arge t)(at s)(es t)(rowin at you

MEENAH: you can never NOT )(ave time for your moirail

HORUSS: 8=| <I... well.

MEENAH: t)(ats betta

HORUSS: 8=| < At least it’s not people mistaking apathy for grumpiness?

MEENAH: s)(itglubs im comin off awfully pale arent i

HORUSS: 8=| < Rufioh wanted to leave me long before I befriended Meulin. This just broke the ice.

HORUSS: 8=| < Perhaps, but it’s not like Meulin is interested in staying close anyway.

HORUSS: 8=| < I won’t count it against you.

MEENAH: t)(anks bro

MEENAH: )(ey

MEENAH: doesnt damz )(ave a t)(ing for you

MEENAH: its weird but

HORUSS: 8=| < She probably wants to strangle to death again

MEENAH: i saw you two talk

HORUSS: 8=| < Which I don’t blame her for.

MEENAH: a)( s)(it gimme one sec

HORUSS: 8=| < It’s fine.

MEENAH: ok man w)(at t)(e fuck

MEENAH: t)(is is )(ilarious

HORUSS: 8=| < I tend to avoid anything that makes me too similar to my Dancestor. Meulin wanted for us to copy their moraillegnce in the first place.

MEENAH: so a lil w)(ile ago i found a scroll in eastern beforus

HORUSS: 8=| < Hm?

MEENAH: after workin it t)(roug)( translate


HORUSS: 8=| < That’s very white girl of you, Meenah.


HORUSS: 8=| < I herd Ro%y mention it.

MEENAH: o)( ya t)(e drunk lalonde gill

HORUSS: 8=| < Aren’t they both drunkards?

HORUSS: 8=| < Anyway, the scroll?

MEENAH: )(a)(a

MEENAH: ill just paste my favorite exc)(ange

MEENAH: )(ORUSS: 8=D < o)(, s)(ello damara. i )(eard you were )(aving a mec)(anical issue wit)( your c)(est over )(ere. mind if i take a 100k?

MEENAH: DAMARA: you can view my c)(est at any time.

MEENAH: w)(at t)(e fuck man

HORUSS: 8=| < Th... that. I forgot about that. I want to continue to forgetting about that.

HORUSS: 8=| < She’s like that to everyone.

MEENAH: it turns out t)(at s)(e talks like t)(at to everyone

MEENAH: bang on

MEENAH: but it was funny

HORUSS: 8=| < I’m not special there, and she’d rather curbstomp me than anything else. Besides, Equius and Aradia already are a thing.

MEENAH: no t)(ey broke up in t)(e alp)(a i t)(ink

MEENAH: un)(ealt)(y relations)(ip

HORUSS: 8=| < A shame.

MEENAH: it was creepy

HORUSS: 8=| < Equius deserves happiness.

MEENAH: )(es got t)(e better moirail

MEENAH: you gotta admit

HORUSS: 8=| < I fully admit

HORUSS: 8=| < Meulin was envious of them

HORUSS: 8=| < So I was roped into it.

MEENAH: is t)(at w)(y

HORUSS: 8=| < Yes.

MEENAH: t)(ats s)(itglubbery rig)(t t)(ere


MEENAH: i eel bad for you

HORUSS: 8=| < It is what it is

HORUSS: 8=| < And if I’m lucky maybe I’ll double die and a happier version of me will take over.


HORUSS: 8=| < I shouldn’t have been in the game in the first place.

HORUSS: 8=| < I am a hermit. I can’t socialize, that’s why I live away from everyone

MEENAH: glub t)(at attitude

MEENAH: buoy are you depressed?

HORUSS: 8=| < Emotionless is the better word

MEENAH: if you double die i w)(ale make you triple ded

HORUSS: 8=| < I can’t even feel the depression



HORUSS: 8=| < I just get empty snd apathy instead


MEENAH: i dont

MEENAH: know

MEENAH: w)(at i s)(oald do

HORUSS: 8=| < It’s sonething I’ve had since I was a grub.

HORUSS: 8=| < I’m used to it, Aurthour knows how to handle it, snd so does Rufioh.

Horuss [HORUSS] disconnected.

MEENAH: you dont deserve t)(is
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