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Thinking of a SP Chat
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Offline 01-14-2018, 10:14 AM
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Thinking of a SP Chat

I haven't really been on MSPARP (MXRP now) for a long while, kind of a returning user of sorts. I used to be only making Homestuck chats, but now I want to branch out a little more.
Mainly with South Park, cause it's humor is very much up my alley.
I should probably get straight to the point.

I already have a SP chat, not very popular but then again, the premise isn't very spectacular. I want to make something more fun, and what I was thinking is that while the kids are playing superheroes after Fractured But Whole, something big might have happened (maybe because of Douchebag because seriously, when does something not happen cause of them) and caused all the kids of South Park who's playing as a super hero to actually obtain their powers.
Human Kite actually has power over winds with his kite.
Wonder Tweek really can control the weather!
Professor Chaos is able to generate chaos out of the most calmest of situations.

The story would probably be either open ended, like we're just making Sh*t up as we go, or we actually do have a plot to follow. Of course, this is South Park, so the plot is going to be stupid and pretty crazy anyways.

The idea of letting in OC's isn't- very?? Good in my opinion. I MIGHT allow a limit of 4 OC's, but other than that, I would really prefer to stick with Canon. Though I should probably tell you now, I'm going to be using my main duo, Tweek and Douchebag.
If we are low on people, I would allow everyone to take 3 canon characters instead of just 2, and I would probably pick up whichever important characters we need still.

I hope this kind of sounds interesting, but I reaaaaally want to do this. But, I kind of need mildly interested roleplayers. Just so the chat doesn't die out so quickly like a old man's boner. Since this website is kinda dying I would really appreciate of you bring your friends or idk, south park crazed family in on this. I'm not looking for 10+ years experienced rpper, I'm happy with people who would considering coming in to have fun.

Well- I should stop rambling.

If you want to add on to the idea or want to keep this memo alive, feel free to just respond to it! I encourage people to even tell me what kind of character they main in, just so we get some sort of traffic going on. If it shows pretty positive ratings, I would make the chat real quick!

Still, just- thanks for reading this! I appreciate it a lot.

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