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Blitzfest! Science, Myths and Magic!
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Blitzfest! Science, Myths and Magic!
Welcome to Blitzfest! A Tournament that pits magic, science, technology, and myth together in a spectacular royale for championship!
This rp is going to be long term, with plot as it goes on. Will you join Blitzfest for fun, recognition, or victory?

The rp takes place in the town of Izenra, the backstory is here (it'll relate to the plot ayyy)

1) The magic rule; don't be mean. One thing I don't tolerate is intolerance
2) If you've been here long enough, you understand the whole OP, god modding and power playing nonsense. Avoid doing it. However, this is a battle-centric rp. So communicate in the ooc to make sure what you make your character do is clear with anyone affected by their actions. Characters eventually can be killed off, but make sure it is agreed upon with the parties involved.
3) This is a paragraph style rp. Make sure everything you do is in paragraph style, and avoid *asterisks* please. You don't have to write a novel every reply; sometimes all you need is a sentence or two to have a big effect.
4) A mod's word is the final word. If you feel the need to have at it with a mod, be sure to have an argument ready. "I don't like this because it's dumb/ i don't like the story/ etc." is not a good argument.
5) Mary Sues. oof.
Do not create a Mary Sue character. That's it.
Also, everyone has a weakness or limit to what they can and can't do. Make sure that the powers/traits/so on that you give your character are balanced. Make sure for every great thing your character is, there is always something they must watch out for.
6) You can take the role of multiple characters, but you much apply for each one. (OCs only by the way)
7) Take this rp seriously. Don't apply if you're just going to leave in a day or fool with the rest of the participants. We joined this rp because we wanted to have a fun story. Apply if you know you'll be able to participate regularly. (if you got stuff goin' on let me know so I don't get the wrong idea <3)
8) No forcing ships, no bashing ships. Tag things if people need tags. Don't instigate, you get it.
0) Take the time to rp with multiple people; don't just focus on one person ples. This isn't really a rule, but come on bb, share your character with everyone.[/spoiler]

Anyways, I tried to make the app guidelines tolerable as possible, You can pm your app to me or tell me in the group discord, but replying to this memo would be the best choice, thank you!
Click here to head over to the discord!
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That's it, but hey!!
If you like this, then go visit this group!
They were on Mxrp first and they are great and i'm there too come say hi our things are similar ehehehe
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