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Danganronpa: Goodbye Despair
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Danganronpa: Goodbye Despair
[Image: latest?cb=20161227015605]

The Lore so Far:

Plot so far:


Note, this takes place during Danganronpa 3 and Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

Hope's Peak Rules---->

Links----> Reserved Characters and Talents:

Kill Count:

Excuted Blacked:


Example Application--->

Name: Alice Ravendell

Age: 16-17

Gender: Female

SHSL Talent: Super High School Level Illustrator, Aka The Ultimate Illustrator

Bio: (Will Add mine Later)

Carry on(s):
-Black backpack
-Art materials like paintbrush, pens, pencils, paint, etc
-Student Handbook
-memo book
-a bag of sweets

Appearance: Alice, I drew this myself

Relationship: No official relationships at the moment, though she does develop crushes easily

-Ooc name: Ally
-OOC pronouns: She/Her

[Image: F8vFocJ.gif]
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