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Away 12-16-2017, 12:01 PM
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Heart Wargames
I did something similar to this in the past, and it was pretty fun. I think I'll finally follow up to it. I added a few more ways to keep this interesting.

[Image: forums_map.png]

Essentially, the map is divided into 44 sections (up from 34 in the last game). The first few people to join the thread can claim countries as their own. To make a new country or claim land for an existent country, you must phrase the command, "I claim [section number] for [country name]." You can only claim previously unclaimed spots, and once your country already exists it can only claim places that touch it (until boats are created later on). If you would like to claim land that already belongs to someone, you will have to declare war and fight them.

Upon creating a new country: find where you would like it to be located on the map, name it, and give me a color you would like to use to represent the country. You cannot issue two commands in a row, so allow another person to post before you post a second time (besides me, of course). Apart from claiming land, waging war, and issuing peace, you must also deal with the internal affairs of your countries (including the people, the military, the government, the industry, and potentially revolutionaries). You can also advance in technology, but you must make sure you have the money to do so. Advancing in technology and industry can grant you more money per turn. Look out for random events, however! They may result in lowered approval ratings, raised approval ratings, technological discoveries, money, loss of money, etc.

MONEY: $1,000,000
PEOPLE: 5/10 approval rating ($0 invested)
MILITARY: 5/10 approval rating ($0 invested)
GOVERNMENT: 5/10 approval rating ($0 invested)
INDUSTRY: $0 invested

I claim [section number] for [country name]. ($0)
I invest in the people of [country name]. ($100,000) +1 people approval rating
I invest in the military of [country name]. ($100,000) +1 military approval rating
I invest in the government of [country name]. ($100,000) +1 government approval rating
I suppress the revolutionaries of [country name]. ($250,000) -1 people and military approval ratings, +1 government approval rating
I unlock a random technology for [country name]. ($250,000) approval ratings vary based on technology
[Country name] declares war on [country name]. ($100,000) -1 all approval ratings
[Country name] requests an alliance with [country name]. ($0) +1 all approval ratings
[Country name] declares peace with [country name]. ($0) +1 all approval ratings

PROTIP: Although it may look disadvantageous to start wars and claim the land of others, the benefits are worth the risk.

Normal - No special conditions.
Desert - Higher chances of drought, famine, and oil discovery.
Tundra - Higher chances of famine, death, but serves as natural protection against invaders.
Mountainous - Higher chance of minerals. Serves as a natural defense. Hard to navigate through.
Rainforest - Higher people approval ratings. Lower chance of famine and drought. Lower chances of advanced technology.
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