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ANOTHER Discord Server? How original.
Away 12-14-2017, 09:25 PM
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Shocked ANOTHER Discord Server? How original.
How many of these things are there? 3, I think. If you don't include ours, of course. There was the initial Msparp server started by Birdhouse, that's apparently a ghost town now. There was the one created by Rale, that ended because of the whole debacle surrounding the age limit and more mod drama surrounding the MSPARP site itself. Then there's the one by the lovely Klarvier that I literally just joined today, and there's no drama or any shenanigans going on in that one. (As far as I know.) But here we are. Making another server that no one asked for like a Hollywood studio making that 7th sequel to a series that everyone has long forgotten about.

Jegus, this is embarrassing. I didn't even tell you who I am! Name's Kase! I've been on this forum for years and I made a lot of friends here. I currently mod a new MSPARP Discord server with some of my friends, and we're going to invite you into it. We only ask that you respect the rules we set out. These rules were written by the Admin and Head Honcho, Void! They're in the doobly-doo below as well as the #rules in the server itself.

Anyway, here's the main event. What you all came here for. The Discord link. It's right here. Whoops! Wrong link. I'll just drop it below.

Don't tell my mom I like homestuck.
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