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Extended Zodiac/God Tier Analysis
Offline 06-21-2018, 11:58 AM
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RE: Extended Zodiac/God Tier Analysis
(06-21-2018 10:55 AM)lonelyTroubadour Wrote:  nah i love it when it's long, more to ingest.

thank you dad

anytime, child

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RE: Extended Zodiac/God Tier Analysis
(06-20-2018 12:11 PM)Dilmec Wrote:  
(06-20-2018 10:04 AM)Cooki3s_pl3as3 Wrote:  Ok so,

Sign: virga (since this is about the extended zodiac

Bio: she likes to gossip and do traditional art. She likes to not take action, Basically all bark and no bite ( some call her two faced ). She can get people mad when she wants to but when shes not trying to piss you off for fun shes most likely helping or encouraging you to do something productive. She talks about other people but that doesn't necessarily mean she talks negatively about them. She has tried to get into hobbies and intrests but failed. The only one that really sticks is art and she really good at it. She also likes dancing a lot. Shes evasive and not very good at manipulating. Her friend group trusts her though.

(Wow she sounds like a horrible person the way i described her)
Interesting! Hmm... Virga, huh? Jade + Derse + Space. This is a bit of a weird opinion and I could very much be wrong, but I feel like the Extended Zodiac test can be a little hard to use for fantrolls, at least through the test. I prefer to use the Extended Zodiac only for its descriptions when it comes to making fantrolls.

Personally, this character reminds me of a Rogue of Breath. I know their official aspect is Space, but I had some trouble thinking of a class for that aspect, at least considering what I do know about her.
Aspect - Breath
Here's why I think she fits the Breath aspect. She talks about people often, and sometimes aggravates others, and it sounds like she's got a sense of independence and does things off of her own volition.
It sounds like a lot of her personality revolves around how she interacts with people. Breath is about freedom and independence, and being a little avoidant of social activities in a sense. It's sort of meant to counteract Blood's theme of connection and responsibility. While it does sound like she's something of a social person, her status as a Rogue can further seal my point, but I'll get into that in a sec.
Her inability to stick to certain hobbies is reminiscent of how Breath players tend to fail at being tied down. Perhaps the obligation of sticking to more than one interest bores them or is just hard for them?

Class - Rogue
The reason I say she'd be a good Rogue is because of her passive nature, and the way she sort of stays connected to her friends in a sense. Rogues tend to push their aspect away and share it with others, reallocating it, sometimes taking it from some people and giving it to others. In this case, she'd be taking individuality and freedom from social norms away from some people, and giving it to others.
The way she gossips about people seems to do this in a sense. By speaking about other people, she's bringing up things to sway her peers' opinions on others, holding certain people to various standards.
In turn, she encourages her friends to be productive at times, giving Breath's more passive characteristics of progression and determination to others.

Basically, the way she stays connected and relevant with her friends, but still acts somewhat independent makes me think of a Rogue of Breath. If you need a Space-type classpect, let me know, I'm sure I could think of something!
Hope this helps![/u]

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