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RE: Fanspecies
Personally speaking, I think fanspecies are great. I've seen plenty that are really creative. But I think that if you're making a fanspecies, it's best to stray away from most of the canon information. Especially if you're giving your Fanspecies a caste system just like the trolls do. A better example in my opinion of a Homestuck fan-speices would be the Glowans. A race of multi-colored glowing aliens that establish their government on how many pupils Glowans are born with. They mainly range from 1-5 pupils. Mutants that are born with more than 5 are essentially considered the dead weight in Glowan society. There's a whole google Doc sheet I can link to here about the Glowans if any of you are interested.
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RE: Fanspecies
you are right, I'm having some trouble with their caste system. But I think I've got at least one big difference between them and the trolls.

Right like the troll's caste system is physically based - in this case on their blood color. It's obvious from the moment the wrigglers hatch what caste they belong to because their carapace is a similar color to their blood. And that's just the basic differences between the castes. Things can get a bit weirder when you consider psionic powers and the whole sea-dwelling royalty.

These Glowans as well seem to have a physical tell to their system as well; their pupils. (Is it like a Vriska thing or do they actually have more eyes?) But that is something you can see and count.

I think that what separates the Diver/Gremlin (still on the fence about renaming them, but I like Gremlins TBH) caste system is it's artificial in nature. Right like from the moment the Divers first get flushed out of the Maturation Tubes, nothing is different between them.
Outside of generalities - like low caste workers being born tough, and higher caste rulers being smarter (and who's to say that is a result of birth and not ingrained cultural stereotyping?) - Diver geneticists and scientists have yet to reach the horrific dystopian hell their crafts can produce. I would however say that they're on the edge of that breakthrough however. Thankfully SBurb happens before things get worse.

I'm getting sidetracked here - the main point is that all Divers start off the same. It isn't until five years after their birth when a Diver is joined to their symbiote do they join their Caste. The Symbiote-bot floods their body with nanites, tinting their blood and eye color that of their caste. I like to think of their caste system being equitable to different job sectors. Like how we have Blue-Collar Workers who do manual labor, they've got a Blue Caste. Divers just have more work sectors than we do - thus having a large caste system.

Caste Colors also influence the stuff you are able to buy; as a lot of what the government produces/sells is sectioned off by caste color. In the olden days you were expected to own nothing but what was in your caste - now a days the divers are a bit more lenient.... But not by much. Most of what a diver owns is still going to feature their caste color prominently... at the very least all the big items will be.
Culturally Color has played a big role in Diver society - high caste colors are assumed to be good, a sign of higher quality and low caste colors goods are cheap and shoddily made. A high caste diver being depicted as stingy with their money would be using only the lowest of caste colors, and a low caste living beyond their means would be wearing only the finest materials, the best designers, the highest of colors.

I feel like I've got a good grip on their caste system in how it differs.... (If not feel free to tell me!!) I just need actual colors for this system and symbols to tie them all together.
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