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On The Subject of ~Feelings~
Offline 11-27-2017, 10:28 AM (This reply was last modified: 11-27-2017 10:28 AM by thankstyler.)(Edited by thankstyler.)
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On The Subject of ~Feelings~
gosh, it sure has been awhile since i posted anything meaningful on forums! jesus, i should change that. here we go, folks: the unofficial memo about Not Feeling Like You're Good Enough, as told by an anxious roleplayer who's been in the fandom for... oh, fourish years now? so you know this jizz is real, and it's spilling all over everywhere.

here's the thing, boys and girls and anyone in between: it's okay to feel second-best. it's healthy, even, and i know that it's hella not fun to feel like Your Dirk Strider aint the hottest shit on the market but hot damn, i play dirk for hours a day and i still have idols who make better dirks than me in some aspects. for example, dialogue with my dirk? aint the fuckin' bestest, broham. i sorta idolize the character because I Love My Son but that isnt any sorta excuse to bullshit along his strings of wordspace like its normal for him to say some of the shit i spew. as always, a character takes time to learn! and im still learning How To Dirk.

that being said, feeling insignificant is? really hard to do, honestly. it makes you want to curl up and cry about how you wish you were better in its extreme form, and when you're anxious to begin with, feeling like you suck can be a total shutdown. that being said, learning from mistakes is great. but here's the thing, ladies and gents. i am batshit crazy, and also terrible as a human being, so i dont respond well to not feeling like i'm writing well. how to overcome this? there isnt a guide for that one, unfortunately.

i wish that there were something to make me as a person and writer feel the tiniest bit more confident in their skills against the tide of characters out there who are beautifully written for, but i just kinda wanted to share this with you and wonder if yall felt the same. if you do, tell me whatcha do to overcome it!

peace out homie, deuces

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RE: On The Subject of ~Feelings~
Well you seem like you're passionate about what you write, and you're able to hold an audience long enough for them to read through your texts, so I'd say you're doing pretty good in regards to your skill at writing.

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Offline 11-30-2017, 01:48 PM
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RE: On The Subject of ~Feelings~
Honestly this post kind of strikes a chord with me-
I've roleplayed since I was a kid, though as a kid I guess it was more 'using your imagination'.

But I still feel like I tend to space out too often, or sometimes I catch myself doing things like pushing pacing along or suddenly slowing it down just because i rush for a reply....

and when i notice myself falling into habits like that, or find myself feeling like i'm dragging it down, it helps to ask the other person(people) if they want anything in particular to happen and how they feel it should flow! The feedback and discussion can fix a lot of slumps and put a lot of things back on the rail. It's not a 100% thing, but it does its job most of the time.

I feel the thing about anxiety very heavily- i find it difficult to message people first or initiate first contact, but i think that's the cool thing about parp! It makes it a LITTLE easier since everyone is here for the same reason, and everyone gets a bit nervous!

Newer roleplayers are also a good way to build confidence- because by showing them the basics of a roleplaying format, you're like a mentor- and they're pretty happy they're learning, which shows you definitely know your bases! It's important to remember you were a newbie once, and that kind of skill is built based on interaction with others.

I feel like i've started rambling a bit and might begin talking in circles, but my best piece of advice is if you're starting to crash or feel like nothing is working- talk to the person about refreshing, restarting, or finding another point to start from! The cooperative nature of roleplaying helps everyone build, and in the longrun it's pretty amazing to see so many people learning from eachother!

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