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for the love of god, ju2t 2top.
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Offline 11-27-2017, 04:43 AM (This reply was last modified: 11-27-2017 01:19 PM by Alienoid.)(Edited by Alienoid.)
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for the love of god, ju2t 2top.

CURRENT twinArmageddons [CTA] RIGHT NOW opened public transtimeline bulletin board: ju2t, 2top.


CTA RIGHT NOW opened memo on board: ju2t, 2top.

CTA: sigh.
CTA: look i'm not nearly as enthusiastic about social interaction as literally any other grubmuncher on this metal-ass hunk of rock we're stranded on.
CTA: so don't expect me to hang around to make chit-chat or whatever, i'm a busy guy and i've got some delirious business to attend to that isn't circling around the hellspawn of moronic interchanged dialogue and making fun of you all.
CTA: reason i'm busy?? WOW that segues super nicely into my next point it's almost as if i had a purpose for opening this thing up.
CTA: and trust me opening this up was NOT my idea.
CTA: well it was my idea in the end because i was the one that decided to open it but my hand was forced.
CTA: cod i am getting so off track FUCK.
CTA: look just.
CTA: i guess consider this a vague call-out for kk who's been getting on my nub about slacking off and not doing jack shit. guess what??
CTA: the viewports are all set up. eat my shit, boombox.
CTA: i'm still working on all of the additional features or whatever because these computers are seriously glubbing SHIT but for now we have a more streamlined communication software.
CTA: i won't ramble about how intuitive the ui is supposed to be because i know some asshole is going to wind up breaking it in two seconds anyway.
CTA: just enjoy i guess?? the fuck do you want from me.

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