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pathfinder hs troll races
Offline 11-21-2017, 10:01 PM (This reply was last modified: 11-25-2017 09:31 AM by slosh.)(Edited by slosh.)
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pathfinder hs troll races
hey ive been playing pathfinder recently (tabletop role-playing game a la dnd) and it has a system for building races with "rp" (race points). i wanted to try building homestuck troll races and wanna hear any advice or flavor changes in general to make them fit without being too powerful.

alternian rust-blood: built to best be rogues or necromancers: here

alternian bronze-blood: built to best be druids: here

alternian yellow-blood: built to best be wizards: here

alternian olive-blood: built to best be rangers, rogues, or druids: here

alternian jade-blood: built to best be clerics, or paladins: here

alternian teal-blood: built to be versatile and suited to any class with a slight lean towards charismatic classes: here

alternian cerulean-blood: built to best be swashbucklers or vigilantes: here

alternian indigo-blood: built to best be tactician-ish fighters that use complex maneuvers or brawlers/barbarians: here

alternian purple-blood: built to best be illusionists/sorcerers, alchemists, or barbarians: here

alternian violet-blood: built to best be cavaliers (mounted knights) or swashbucklers: here

alternian tyrian-blood: built to function exceptionally in any physical combat class: here

feel free to comment here or on the google docs with advice or anything you think i should change

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RE: pathfinder hs troll races
rad, good shit slosh

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Online 07-11-2018, 11:54 PM
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RE: pathfinder hs troll races
This is really cool, I was wondering if you are planning to do a Mutant caste as well?
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