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Lil' Cal RP Problems
Offline 11-13-2017, 12:15 PM
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Lil' Cal RP Problems
I'm Rinn.
I'm addicted to roleplaying lil' cal
Ever since Homestuck introduced that smiling puppet ass, I don't know man. I got on my grind. I've spent years developing this guy, just to be turned down in rp after rp.

'Oh, no, admin X is creeped out by Lil' Cal'

Which is fine but that argument can be made for any character. "Clowns creep me out so no Makaras please"

'Oh, well, he's not a real character. Not enough development'

If your chat allows the Bots, Obana, and those two fantrolls that got killed off after about one panel [you know the ones that payed 10,000 dollars to be there?], why can't it allow one of the biggest parts of the HS comics?

'Well, fine, but you can't play Cal as male, because in guidestuck Cal is genderfluid'

Nah, considering I'm not basing my portrayal off of a fan comic. Canonically he is referred to with male pronouns, and even if I wanted to play Cal as a girl, there is no canon gender for an inanimate object.

I'm sorry if this sounds bitchy, I really hate to come off that way, but for years I have played the bots, Cal, and many other characters with little to no interaction. Feel free to give your own feedback! And any Cal rpers please share your own issues? I hate feelin' alone.

baby ur a song

[Image: zacharie_by_k7vin-d64eb0t.gif]

u make me wanna roll my windows down
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Offline 11-14-2017, 01:18 AM
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RE: Lil' Cal RP Problems
All those characters you mentioned have more to them than being an inanimate soul pot that can only laugh. Hell, those canon fantrolls have trollslum wiki pages with personality, background and quirks so...

[Image: 9bb7pc.gif]

Do the evolution
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Offline 11-17-2017, 05:11 PM
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RE: Lil' Cal RP Problems
Um, hi! I’m new to this website, so if anyone could help me out and show me around that’d be great! Thanks!
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