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Gulaabee's story/headcanons
Away 11-12-2017, 12:00 AM
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Gulaabee's story/headcanons
I was talking to my bud on a PM chat and this is what I wrote:

Gulaabee was a former Snooker Felt member. Her colleagues were a group of leprechauns basted on snooker balls and she represented the pink ball. These leprechauns wore red suits and basically clothing that matched the colors on their hats. Her colleagues treated her pretty bad and she thought she didn't belong with them.

When The (real) Felt were having like a battle with them, Gulaabee looked at The Felt, just stared at them like that! Die looked in her eyes, she did the same to Die. The Felt noticed that Gulaabee wasn't the fighting type and neither was Die (my headcanon for him is that he's shy). Since Doc Scratch is the cueball, I can imagine him stopping both The Felt and the snooker Felt from fighting.

Die looked for Gulaabee and found her under a tree. She was sitting there thinking about things. He was a little shy and scratched his head. There was a little smirk on his face and his cheeks turned pink. Suddenly, Die dropped his doll and paniced because he thought he lost it (yes, he is overprotective for that doll). Gulaabee picked the doll up and gave it to Die and Die started to rub his foot on the ground, feeling a little shy. He realized that he and Gulaabee had a lot of thing in common, both were shy and disliked fighting and they thought they were the perfect match! Heart CharmRainbow Charm

She told Die that she didn't belong to a bunch of people who would treat her like crap. Die was extra kind to Gulaabee and reassured her. He said that he had mixed feelings for being a member of The Felt, so he took her to the mansion.


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