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Nnnngh bored and In need of RP
Offline 11-04-2017, 08:58 PM (This reply was last modified: 11-04-2017 09:02 PM by Amurlintz.)(Edited by Amurlintz.)
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Nnnngh bored and In need of RP
Yo guys its your boi

Im really bored and in need of sum good rp

Im fine with rping stuff inside and outside of hs

I have oc's for the following fandoms: BNHA, JJBA, Okegom, and uuh oh yeah DC Universe as well and obviously Homestuck, Harry Potter Tokyo Ghoul and Danganronpa as well and a few non-fandom

I can also play a few canon charas

Hit me up in PM's if youre interested

[Image: tumblr_otmsraGZzf1qb0wv3o2_500.gif]

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