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=> Request help (2.0)(AU's and Canon welcome)
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Away 11-21-2017, 11:27 PM (This reply was last modified: 11-22-2017 02:34 AM by Ekura123.)(Edited by Ekura123.)
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RE: => Request help (2.0)(AU's and Canon welcome)
A portal opened next to Arin, and Tina's voice came from within.
TINA: Did you say...
TINA: Different set of worlds?

A teenage boy, with glasses, was pushed (very forcedly) through the portal. He face planted onto the ground immediately after coming through. Next, a girl (also with glasses but round ones) walked in through the portal. Alas, Tina bounced through the portal.
TINA: I've brought the perfect person to cooperate ;)
TINA: And also, Ryan, here's Kyra!
TINA: Treat her well :)

Kyra literally pounces onto Ryan from behind him. RIP Ryan
Ryan proceeds to fall and then face plant, just like the previously mentioned boy. RIP Ryan x2 combo

((And it's a long reply goddammit me xD
((at least im successfully screwing up my life

a mole is scientific now
thx starlitEnchantress for the talksprite(s)!
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