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looking to clear the rust from my characters
Away 09-21-2017, 06:48 PM
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looking to clear the rust from my characters
as the title suggests, i'd like to role play some more so i can clear the rust off of my canon skills. i haven't role played canon characters steadily in over six months, so, yeah.

i prefer au's, with my top favourites being demonstuck and zombiestuck.
i'm the most confident in dave, tavros, damara, and nepeta, but i'm open to try my hand at others.
i'm into shippings. my shipping chart is here. (strikes over lines show that i also like the ship in that quadrant, it's just the quadrant the main line displays is what i prefer.)

i barely use msparp anymore, so i'd prefer to role play through discord or skype. my discord is areola#5639, and my skype is anachranistic.
i'm on discord more often than i am skype, so discord is preferred.
hit me up through either rather than reply to this post, it's much more convenient, y'know?

!! ---college and stuff that goes on really hinder me from replying extremely often. thus, forewarning that i could disappear for a few days or so sometimes, but i'll try my best to alert you beforehand. ---!!

[Image: tumblr_oqq83aj53r1ti9egno1_500.png]
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