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The Average Day of Dave Strider
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The Average Day of Dave Strider
TG: john hey listen
EB: listening.
TG: you know dogs right
EB: i know dogs.
TG: more specifically big dogs
TG: like dogs that are almost the size of bears
TG: and those bears had babies with elephants
TG: and now those baby belephants are just running around in a playful furry messy like manner
TG: those dogs?

EB: uh huh. are you talking about the ones with sorta smushy faces and super fluffy fur?
TG: exactly
TG: anyway i saw one of those dogs john
TG: it was just sitting there all alone
TG: and the moment i saw it
TG: i had this urge
TG: i had the fucking urge
TG: to fist bump it john
TG: and not just one of those everyday fist bumps
TG: the most awesome
TG: sicknasty
TG: fist bump that has ever existed

EB: hey dave?
TG: yeah
EB: did you sleep at all?
TG: what yeah man of course
TG: why did you

EB: i'm asking because everything you have said so far has been dumb pointless bullshit.
EB: you know, your usual rambling.

TG: no man listen
EB: only a little more left furor.
TG: this is important shit
EB: field**
TG: just listen
TG: i went up to this dog
TG: and i held up my fist
TG: and it was that moment when i realized
TG: dogs have no fucking fists

ectoBiologist [EB] disconnected.
TG: dude i wasnt fucking finished
TG: i was about to walk away
TG: but then the dog placed its paw onto my fist
TG: it was like one of those feel good dog movies
TG: the ones where you get a close to a dog and it becomes your best friend and it fucking dies
TG: i knew at that moment we were going to have that relationship
TG: as it got closer to my face
TG: and bit me on the fucking nose
TG: i punched the fucker back and ran the shit out of there
TG: im bleeding now
TG: probably scarred
TG: but whatever
TG: talk to you later man

turntechGodhead [TG] disconnected.

(This was my first time playing as Dave and it went great! I can't help but think this is how John and Dave's relationship went before Sburb came into their lives XD)
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RE: The Average Day of Dave Strider
TG: dude i wasnt fucking finished

i love it

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